“The #1 Exercise For Dogs..Guaranteed To Whip Them In Shape Fast!

This exercise is the safest and most effective exercise you can do with your dog. What is it? Swimming!

Here’s why…

When you (or your dog) swims you naturally by default, work out every single area of your body.

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This happens as the body begins to get tired… in order to stay afloat (subconsciously) you begin using muscles you don’t normally use.

Also…When one or more muscles is injured or under to much stress, the body naturally (and subconsciously) allows that part of the body to rest while utilizing other parts of the body to swim.

All this is happening without even being aware that this is taking place! its all part of the way the body protects itself from drowning!

It’s an amazing thing! And, it’s the safest, most effective exercise in the world for your dog!

In addition this is going to improve the functioning of the heart and lungs for them as it does for humans.

Every single muscle in the body of your dog is going to get a workout when they swim. You can take your dog to the beach or have your own swimming pool at home for them to use.

When a dog is swimming there isn’t any type of stress to the hip area or to the shoulders. This is a wonderful way for puppies to develop properly as well as to have muscles that are very strong.

Any dog can learn how to swim with the exception of the bulldog. They have a torso that is too long and legs that are too short to really make them able to swim. If they had longer legs then they would have the ability to support their torso. While the basset hound and the dachshund many find it hard to swim, they can do it with some practice as well as your encouragement.

Your dog does need to learn how to swim properly though. You don’t want to just take your dog out there and hope that they have the natural instinct to do it. This type of action on your end can create unnecessary stress for your dog to deal with. Their survival instincts may kick in but they aren’t going to enjoy the experience. Think about how you would feel if that same type of scenario was forced on you.

Here are some tips that will help you to properly introduce your dog to the water and for swimming. That way they can have a great time with it and the stress involved can be completely involved.

#1 Find a location for them to swim where there aren’t many other people around them. Don’t force your dog into the water. Allow him or her to take some time to explore the water. Stand back and let them explore the water which they will likely do out of curiosity.

#2 As your dog enters the shallow waters to play a bit, offer plenty of support and praise. You want to let them know that you find the water to be safe and something that they are free to explore. Make sure that the area is very shallow though because you don’t want your dog to be surprised when the water suddenly gets deeper.

#3 After your dog seems to be comfortable enough in the water, toss a ball into an area that is just a bit deeper. Make sure you don’t toss it too far. As the water starts to get higher and your dog is moving into it, continue to give plenty of encouragement. Your dog should be trending water at this time. When your dog does catch the ball then you want to give them plenty of praise.

Repeat this simple procedure several times, but each time toss the ball out further for your dog to fetch. This is going help your dog have a great time in the water and at the same time build up their level of confidence. Since they don’t feel threatened during this type of play they won’t be afraid or stressed out by it either. Make sure you pay attention to the surroundings at all times. Your priority should be to keep your dog safe while in the water at all times.

The younger your dog is when you start to expose him or her to the water for swimming the more they will enjoy it. You may have a pond or small lake that is isolated where you can take them. When you are there, remove the leash so that your dog gets the impression it is acceptable to roam around. Sit down and allow your dog to explore on its own. You can even bring along a book to read to entertain yourself.

If you are appearing to not pay attention to what your dog is doing they he or she will start to explore on their own. A common mistake is for an owner to stand there and try everything under the sun to get the dog to enter the water right away. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t even go into the water that first time. Continue to bring the dog to the area and they will become more comfortable each time.

On a side note, not all dogs like to retrieve a ball or other item. If that is the case then you will need to swim in the water with them. Don’t take your dog into the water with you though.

Instead go in and find water that reaches your waist. Then call to your dog to come and join you. If your dog isn’t up to it then don’t force them to do so. Should your dog enter the water though you definitely want to give them plenty of praise for their efforts even if they only make it to the tip of the water and not all the way out to you.

To your dog’s health,

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