“What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Exercise And Avoiding Injuries!”

If you want your dog to live as long as possible so that you can enjoy many more memories with them then listen up!

It is important to help your dog stretch and warm up before activities that they take part in. This is going to help them to keep their muscles strong and to reduce the risk of any type of injury occurring.

This also gets them in the “mood” for exercise.

You want your dog to warm up and to exercise before you begin the process of stretching their muscles.

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You also want to allow them the chance to upwind from such activities as well.

#1 One way to do this is to let your dog walk around on a lead afterwards. This is going to allow the build up of both acid and wastes to be removed from the body. It is also extremely important that your dog is relaxed before you begin the massage procedures on them. Here are some helpful ideas that you can incorporate.

#2 Place one of your hands on the elbow of your dog and then the wrist with your other hand. Move the leg upward and forward at the same time. This is going to result in stretching of the joints in the elbows. It is also going to help them flex their muscles around the joints to the shoulder area.

#3 To help your dog warm up, have them walk around on a lead for about 20 minutes and then turn them loose to run. This process is going to allow the muscles to be softer and in return they will be more responsive to physical activity. Dogs that compete in shows or that work should warm up with specific goals in mind.

Here are some tips that can help you to give your dog the most out of the workout session. Before I cover those things though I just want to stress to you that your dog should have had the opportunity to cool down after warming up and exercising before you help them with stretching activities including massage.Allow your dog to walk around slowly for a couple of minutes, increase the speed after about 3 minutes.

  • Allow your dog to trot four about 3 minutes followed by galloping for 1 minute.

  • Allow your dog to make some moves that are explosive and nature as long as they are short lived.

  • Allow your dog to wind down by cutting things to a trot again and then a slow paced walk.

Some people fear that their dog will get tired out during a warm up session but that isn’t true. In fact, the opposite will be taking place due to the increased circulation for the blood that occurs. This is going to help the joints to have the lubrication they need so your dog is ready to perform at its best.

At the end of the warm up session, do a test to see how mobile your dog really is. There are 8 different stretching techniques that you can use for this. Make sure you are well aware of the signals coming from your dog though. You definitely don’t want him or her to suffer any type of pain during this process. If you feel that they are uncomfortable during the process then you want to schedule an appointment to get them evaluated with your vet.

Try This Stretching Technique!

  • Start out by placing one hand just about the joint of the knee. Place your other hand on their lower leg around the hock joint. Pick up the leg so that the knee is able to bend. Using a gentle amount of pressure you want to push it upwards and backwards with your hand that is just above the joint of the knee.

  • After you have had your dog in a competition, allow them to wind down completely before you engage them in any types of stretching exercises. Make sure you reward your dog for their efforts in all of this too. One of the best ways is to offer a massage and your dog will quickly be more obedient about performing for you in the future.

You can offer the benefits of both massage and stretching to your dog for a very low cost. The main investment will be of your time. However, the overall health benefits that come from it as well as the better quality of life is something that encourages many dog owner’s to offer them on a regular basis.

To your dog’s health

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