15 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Dogs

1. Worried about getting cancer? Well you might not be needing that yearly check-up anymore. According to recent studies, dogs can detect if someone has cancer simply by sniffing their breath..

This study was carefully conducted by the Pine Street
Foundation, a cancer research organization in San Anselmo, California.


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Want to know why dogs eat their own poop? Believe or not, they develope this
disgusting habit when they are lacking nutrients in their diet and are
trying to regain those nutrients that were lost in the poop by eating it.
Don’t forget to take your vitamins :)

3. Is your dog a vegetarian? They could be. In fact, the longest living dog
recorded in the Guinness Book of Records is a 27 yr old collie dog named
Brambles and just like his owner…has been a lifelong vegetarian!

4. Ever thought about putting deodorant on the bottom of your feet? Well, if you
were a dog you would. Its a well established fact that they sweat through the
pads of their feet.

5. Next time your dog gives you a confused look he just may be reading you. In fact dogs read body language too!

6. Ever thought about giving your dog chocolate? Well don’t. There is a substance
in chocolate called theobromine which poisons the dog and even KILL them.
It is also one of the most common causes of seizures in dogs.

7. Tired of having to repeat the same thing over and over to your dog? Well, its
not their fault! Because dogs forget every five minutes. Its the main reason why you have to teach them the same things over and over when training them.

8. So just how many tricks can a dog learn? On average dogs can learn as many as 100 commands. But that’s nothing compared to what one poodle can do. At one year old, the poodle “Sparkle” set the record by responding to over 300 hand and verbal commands.

9. Is your dog a blood donor? Well they could be. According to Sun States Animal Blood Bank over 6,000 dogs donated blood last year saving countless doggy lives.

10. Do you read the Christian bible? We’ll if you did you may know (or not) that
dogs are mentioned 44 times in the Bible. Here’s one verse taken from…

Exodus 11:7 But not a dog shall growl against any of the people of Israel, either
man or beast, that you may know that the LORD.

11. If you are a woman then you already know that putting on mascara make-up can be a real pain. But just be glad you’re not a dog. Because dogs have three eyelids! These three separate eyelids are… the main upper and lower lids and also a third lid that’s hidden between them.

12. Did you know dogs can NOT digest Grains such as corn? YET at least 90% of dog foods contain an enormous amount of corn and other grains. They use it because its cheap filler. Don’t feel bad most vets don’t know this either!

13. Are you a smoker? Did you know, dogs that live with owners who smoke are 50% more likely to develop lung cancer than other dogs. -

this information is based on case studies backed by one recent study conducted
at Colorado State University which shows significant higher incidence of nasal
tumors in dogs living in a home with secondhand smoke compared to dogs living in
a smoke free environment,

14. How would you like to lower your blood pressure without taking any drugs? Well, according to several studies dogs can lower your heart rate and blood pressure better than any drug on the market!

This study was conducted when a group of hypertensive New York stockbrokers who received dogs were found to have much lower blood heart rates and pressure than those who weren’t exposed to any pets.

When they discovered the results, most of the brokers in the non-pet group went
out and got pets! There are several more studies conducted between pets
and the elderly. In fact, some insurance companies now give discounts for pet

15. Can your dog operate your washing machine? For many disabled people, dogs can do a LOT more than that, including… operating control buttons, opening and closing doors, summoning help if necessary, switching lights on and off, loading and unloading the washing machine, assisting with dressing and undressing, helping with shopping and lots more!

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