A person’s name and address

A person’s name and address primarily consists of first name & a surname; some times associated with a middle name. It helps in identifying an individual & is generally bestowed at birth or at a young age.

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However, one may change it at one’s wish by issuing an official declaration in non-judicial court of law.

Any thing in the universe, irrespective of its real & unreal existence, possesses a name by default. Perhaps it is the law of Mother Nature. As a consequence, human-beings have names too and as they reside on earth, for those who live in space stations, that becomes their address. They have an address.

An address is a code and abstract concept expressing a location on the Earth’s surface. It may contain country, state, district, city, followed by street address, quarter or apartment no. etc. It is identified mostly by PIN code or ZIP code.

Further, addresses are not limited to only geographical address. Email address, network address, IP address etc. are few of the terms that evolved with computers & telecommunication. We will have a look on them later.

A person’s ‘name and address’ is the key to find out one’s physical existence. One can have multiple aliases/location/addresses. One may also provide fake information which makes social dating websites susceptible to misuse. Authenticating person’s name & addresses ensures safer dating.

Today, various websites have come up with the solution for validating of a person’s name against an address. The services are mostly free, but some may ask for a small fee for certain crucial addresses. The user may need to provide a part of the address e.g. street name, house/apartment number, ZIP/PIN Code etc. It is not needed to spell-out as most websites provide an Easy-Interface (EI) with drop-down lists of valid/available names/addresses from their source database (DB). The DB may be compiled both from public (e.g. telephone directories, real estate transactions, surveys) & proprietary sources (private surveys, paid surveys). The EI saves time per address entered accounting for its efficiency & speed.

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, Network IDs, Physical/MAC Address, Port ID…etc. are now playing key roles in determining or tracking a user. Sometimes they help in identifying cyber-crime/theft. Because of them, amateur hackers think thrice before attempting any attack. However, these are quite tactical & the last steps for tracing out a person’s name and address. Firewalls, Parental Locking etc. are a few which prevent unauthorized access of a PC to a web & vice versa.

Ultimately, looking for a person’s name and address has become an option for a user which one can choose independently & wisely from a list of available sources. Therefore, users are always advised for the same to ensure their safety as well as the reputation of the organization that provides dating services to them. As a matter of fact, relationships are based on the thin threads of trust & faith. For making a Win-Win condition on both user’s side & organization’s side, these services are vital.

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