Now a days Internet and banking are mutually interdependent, and they go hand in hand.Now a days all most all the banks offer online banking.That means customer can maintains their accounts through online.The online Banking also offers online credit and debit system.The online banking is easier and faster process so, it save time.Because of this main reason, online accounts are becoming more and due to its unique feature now online banking system becoming more popular.Using online banking system people can access their bank from any place of the world.One of the example for online banking system is “Suntrust online banking”.

Suntrust online bank is an American (US) based company.In 2004,this bank got 7th rank in top 10 banks in the world.Its annual turn over is $78 billion US dollar.

In order to obtain advantage of online banking, people would require a computer with an Internet facility or online connection.People do no need to leave their home, for going to bank and opening their account any more.It is possible to you, have your account,maintains transactions and check the amount all these are possible from Internet banking. There is no need to visit banks regularly and no need of ATMs also.

Advantages of “Suntrust online banking” are:-

1.There are number of advantages of Online banking, one of the most advantage is concert with its speed.Online  banking is faster than any other banking system.

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These online bank accounts are fast to access and fast to administer also.

2.People can do all their accounts and bank related works with in few seconds using few clicks and keystrokes.So, it save time.

3.People can access their accounts, sitting in any place of the world.That means it is available at every where hence availability is the another best advantage of online banking.

4.Online banking assures a security to customer, so there is no matter of accounts misuse.Online bank depends on pass word, if person provides correct pass word then only his accounts gets open.So, it provides security to its customer.

5.Where there is security, obviously  there is an safety.Suntrust Online banking system provides high degree of safety.

6.It is so simple, easier and these things make online banking system becomes more popular.

7.Suntrust online bank promises its services to both private sector and public sector that means consumer and business men both will be able to obtain suntrust bank service.

8.Bank is the safe and correct place to store money.This suntrust bank allows customer more money to store.It offers many of the Insurance policies like FDIC, these are the another method of money investment.This bank promises the better interest for saving account and as well as for Insurance policies.
9.This online banking also supports another important feature called Check card symbol.This is card made up of plastic, it as looks like Visa.This card allows the customer to have an access their money from their accounts.Now this check card is universally accepted.

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