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Alot of people have been asking me whether they can advertise on my site. So this month we are accepting application for free advertising.

Ads by Google

Not paid.

With a motive to advertise on my site, consider some suggestions. Gain popularity and returns.

According to marketing experts, first of all you need a venue to receive ample responses. Get the site registered with different advertising programs. Google AdSense, Yahoo, Bing, Aol offers such programs. Way to increase sales and web traffic. Add your site to advertising directories i.e.

Secondly, there should be salable commodity. Professional marketing materials are a must for sales. A lot depends on the niche of your website. A campaign could be utilized focusing sales. For ex-write a content daily, which is relevant and interesting .It helps in promoting the product /services. Preciously, mentioning where your ads are available. That is to be mentioned in your advertising description. Promote your ad space and limit .Do mention where potential advert can purchase it from. To make your site prominent for advertisers include a link to your sights relevant features. Use your e-mail signature maximum number of times .Request a link back to your site from all the sites that link to you. By this ‘advertising on my site ‘gains popularity and is visible on search engines. Adapt innovative ways to market your site. Use small, inexpensive items as gifts with company name on it. More effective if related to your site. Send a caption advertise my site along with them. Create info specials, make it a daily practice. Make sure visitors receive e-mail blasts from you.

As space permits put a heading advertise on my site on your website. Increase marketing strategies tie ups.

Thirdly, go for affiliate programs. Help to add banners to your site. One such program is commission junction .Irrespective the site is new or old; as you wish to gain banner space opt for one. Commission junction puts together a large group of advertisers who want to buy banner spaces on websites. Selling text links get you substantial amount of money. Other options: Pay per click, pay per conversation. Be a part of referral program. Direct the users to sign up for a particular site. You’ll be paid for every user. Create; distribute your own customized toolbar. Engage the users to make money.B2B companies require a mixture of awareness and branding ads.

Last, but not the least keeps an eye on the statistics. Advertisers will be concerned with your webpage, Google ranking etc. Make use of Alex rank i.e. it’s a web information company. It allows you to monitor all sorts of user ads, page views, interactions made on your site. Provides search analysis, traffic and evidence data. Good way keeps an eye on competitors.

Advertise on my site works wonders when these suggestions are implemented. These steps include minimum loss and maximum gain. At beginners level it may appear difficult. But with time and proper strategies does run smooth. Some research work regarding the company’s advertising strategies will be an added advantage.


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