airline ticket discounts for military

Military personals are subjected to discounts in the airline ticket rates as a part of their career benefits. Both their spouses and dependents are also subjected to this offer.

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A military officer on duty finds it very hard to manage airline travel along with their military lifestyle. The main problem they face is the high airline ticket rates.

At times they may also face the problems related to the duration of their leaves and transfers. In case of military jobs, advance information cannot be obtained regarding the leave and transfer matters. Because of this it might be impossible for them to make better use of the airline ticket discounts for military. It may also be noted that military officials, men or women are forced to take inexpensive modes of travel like trains and buses which takes them much longer time to meet their destination. As a result a major part of their leave is being wasted in this way for to and fro journey. So they get only very few days to spend along with their lovely family. The high airline rates also inhibit military family (spouse and dependents) from traveling in flights.

Most of the airline companies offer discounts to military personnel in some way or the other. The special offers to ticket rates are also increased by airline companies when there is high military presence and active warfare overseas. There are different types of military discounts and offers that are made available to military officers. Now all the difficulties that were to be faced for availing lower ticket rates are being eliminated. Presently it is a very easy job. The most important and famous United States airlines gives very special rates and services to the military personnel who are active on duty. This is applicable to all the member officers of Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and the Reserves. The kinds of offer that are made available by different airlines are different, but they all follow some basic criteria. They are providing discounted ticket rates for military officers and family, relaxed advance reservation needs, decreased minimum stay requirements, favored boarding priviledges, using club services during layovers.

Now making ticket reservations is very easy. In order to obtain airline ticket discount for military, the military personnel need only call the airlines central reservation office. The special ticket rates may not be obtained from the official websites of the airlines. There must be proper military identity card with the passengers during check in and journey.

American Airlines and American Eagle provides special military ticket offers like discounted rates, reduced minimum stay requirements and boarding priviledges.These facilities are provided for officers on leave, furlough or those within 7 days of discharge, spouses and family. The reservation number is 800-433-7300.United Airlines provide domestic ticket rates to military members and their family. Reservations can be made at 800-241-6522. US Airways provide reduced ticket rates to military officers on leave and those who are discharged for 7 days from the date of discharge. The reservation number is 800-428-4322.Southwest Airlines offers special ticket fares to officers on duty and their family. This rates change often and these are the lowest rates ever offered. The toll free reservation number is 800-435-9792.
By Hero Miles Program, people can use their unused frequent flyer points which can be changed to free airline tickets.

This can be utilized by service members who are under medical treatment in a military hospital as a result of their service in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some of the major military travel websites for obtaining airline discount ticket for military are Military Travel Discounts, Military Zone, US Army MWR, Sato Travel etc.

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