Airline tickets

It is a major coincidence that the history of the airline tickets actually coincides with the history of the airlines industry itself. As soon as the first flights for the passengers were made available, the airline tickets were introduced also for the first time.

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In 1910, DELAG airlines introduced a flight for passengers for the first time in Germany. At that time, the airline flight tickets were issued for the passengers of the flight. In those days, airline tickets were hand written. Nowadays, those tickets are print outs.

The airline ticket has one major purpose. The airline ticket is used to prove that the passenger has the required permission to travel in the flight and also to prove that he or she has paid his or her fee for travelling in the flight. Before the internet became widely popular in the recent years, people would have to go to the airport to book the tickets or they would have to call a local travel agency to book tickets for them. This system follows that once the payment has been made, the passengers would get a mail with their tickets. Nowadays there are several tickets where you can go for online purchase of the tickets. All you have to do is select your day of departure, place and other details. Once you have made your payments with the help of a visa card or a master card, all you got to do is to take a print out of the page which shows that you have paid the money. This is the latest method to buy a ticket to travel by airplane. If you have that print out with you, you got to give it at the airport and obtain a boarding pass. With the help of the boarding pass and the print out, you are allowed to board the flight and reach your destination. There are several kinds of tickets that are available nowadays. One type is the one based on the class of seat in the airplane. It may be a first class or a second class or a third class ticket. Premium and premium economy is also available. The rate is different in each of them. First class would be costly than the other class of tickets that are available. The cheapest ticket is the economy ticket. Tickets are also classified by the way whether they are refundable or not. This is another way of classifying the airline tickets. Due to the invention of the modern day ticket system, airports are able to process ticket reservation quickly and in a better manner. These tickets are very important in realizing the details of the flight, the boarding time and so on.

Nowadays, airline tickets have become so easy to buy. With just a computer with internet connection, it becomes possible to purchase a ticket from anywhere and anytime. This is the advantage of the modern day ticket system.

Thus, the important features of the airline tickets have been discussed.

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