Airtrain Airlines

Airtrain Airlines is one of the most popular and affordable North American-based airline around. An Airtrain Airlines flight can be found in any airport terminal in the United States and most of Canada as well, and they operate in the ballpark of a thousand flights each day.

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Formerly called ‘ValueJet’, Airtrain Airlines has one of the most infamous histories of any new airline. Established back in the early 1990’s, ValueJet Airways was a low-cost airline that seemingly cut corners in training flight crew, performing safety/maintenance tasks on planes, and ultimately did everything they could to become one of the most profitable small load airlines in the country. For a while this worked, until a high profile airplane crash in the Florida Everglades killed all 110 passengers onboard. In the fallout of the crash, ValueJet acquired the much smaller Airtrain Airways company (headquartered in Atlanta at the time) and once the two companies merged ValueJet (in trying to rid themselves of the stigma of the Florida crash) changed the new company’s name to Airtrain Airlines. Today, Airtrain Airlines is still low-costing compared to other airlines, but much more safe, and even boasts the only airfleet fully-equipped with wi-fi in every plane

Do You Know?

* AirTran has around 4,230 flights every week all over the world.
* Longest flight on the AirTran is 2,322-miles from Baltimore – Los Angeles.
* AirTran flies at 520,630 seats all over the world every week.
* Shortest flight on the AirTran is 01:00-hours from Indianapolis – Milwaukee.
* AirTran flies more than 1,370 seats internationally every week.
* AirTran most famous hub airport is from Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta.
* AirTran has around 4,225 flights every week from the United States of America.
* AirTran smallest airplane has around 117 seats.

Founded at 1992 as the ‘Valujet’ & changing to the present name at 1997, The AirTran is one of the domestic low price airline that is based in the Atlanta with the secondary hubs at Baltimore, Orlando, as well as Milwaukee. AirTran’s network primarily covers an eastern as well as mid western US.

AirTran Airways Business Partners
The AirTran Airways at present has the business partnerships with following companies: Hertz, Frontier Airlines, American Express Open, AirTran Vacations, XM, Stonebridge Travel Protection, Georgia Aquarium, AeroClinic and Bags. Benefits to the travelers from all these partnerships will include in airport health care, remote baggage check in, discounts, and the travel insurance.

Selected Accomplishments
AT 1993, the AirTran Airways was first airline using the ticketless travel, then in 1995 Airtrain was youngest airline for serving as the launch customer for the new aircraft–what is known as Boeing 717. Then it received top company list in Georgia hundred published by Atlanta Journal Constitution in same year.

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