Amazing Race T.V Show

Amazing Race is a famous reality game show in television. It is played in team which consists of two members and these two people should have some kind of a pre-existing personal relationship and they compete with other participants.

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Participants try to reach first at “pit stops” to win prizes at the end of the race and they try to avoid reaching last because they carry a possibility of getting eliminated or they might face some difficulties in the following legs of race. Participants have to travel within and many countries. They can use variety modes for transportation.

The participant’s gets clues at every leg point which takes them to the next place or asks them to do some a task. The teams which come last will be eliminated at each step and the elimination continues still final three are left. A prize of $1 million is awarded to the team which arrives first.
The Amazing Race game was founded by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. In the year 2001 the original series was aired in the United States. It has won many awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards etc.

There are eleven teams in every cycle of Amazing race and each team consists of two members. These two people in a team should have a relationship such as married or divorced couples. They can also be relatives’ even siblings and lifelong friends. The focus of the show is the dynamic relationship even under the competition stress which the teams often describes in their interviews held before the Amazing race or during the race or after the teams have won. According to the original rules of the race the relation between the team members should be lasting for three years and more. In some cases these rules are been dropped. Individual participants should have a nationality and should meet the certain age requirements in order to obtain the passport . In some season the format of the team will be changed. Twelve teams consisting of two in each team is considered for four seasons and for a “Family Edition“ten teams each consisting of four members even children can included.

Each team will get the allowances of cash along with first clue at the beginning of the race. All requirements such as food, transportation, supplies, lodging during each leg of Amazing race should be fulfilled using this allowance. The uniquely colored flag known as route marker shows the place where exactly the team members should go. When the team reaches the route markers they will get an envelope which contains the next task to be performed by them. After getting the clue from the envelop the team members should read the clue loudly and then follow it. The clue give only the idea of the next destination and it is left to the team members how to reach there.

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