Anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in dogs is not an issue of major importance. It can be easily resolved.
First of all, we need to recognize the signs in order to verify whether the dig is facing anxiety or not.

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Some of these signs are :-
Nervous peeing
This is a very funny anxiety syndrome that occurs in dogs. This happens when we have missed the dog for a few hours or someone intimidating enters the house. In such cases, the dog will wander around the house with its tail under its body and it leaves a trail of urine all over the floor. This strange behavior may be caused due to a weak bladder and it is to be noted that it is really a submissive gesture of the dog. Sometimes, wagging the tail and bending the head down while walking is also a sign of anxiety in dogs.
This is another anxiety symptom in our dog. Dogs also get as much excited as humans do. In such cases, dogs are known to pant heavily. Panting heavily is a sure sign of distress or anxiety of our pet. Heavy panting is usually accompanied by drooling.
Like human beings, dogs are also known to tremble when they are anxious or under any fear or excitement. The degree of trembling can range from mild to severe depending upon the level of anxiety. Some dogs will tremble when approached by strangers or during flashes of lightning or thunder sound. Some dogs are known to tremble at the slightest noise.
Belly crouching
This is also similar to submissive gesturing. When our favorite pet approaches us, it bends its body to the ground and crawls across to us with the help of its elbows. A common name for this state of behavior is pancaking.
When dogs are under extreme anxiety, they expose it by snarling or snapping at anyone whom they decide is a threat. This happens usually when dogs are approached by strangers. This behavior is usually used to fend off larger enemies.

List of possible solutions
When our dog is under anxiety, there are certain ways to calm it down. Some of them are given and explained below :-

Calm and steady approach
When we enter the house and notice the dog in a state of excitement, it is necessary to ignore the dog and carry on with our work. Sooner or later, the dog will get the clue that nothing exciting is going to happen for the next few minutes and eventually it will calm down to its usual state.
Employing distractions
If the above plan does not work, then employ some means of pleasant distractions to calm down the dog. For example, take the dog to some other room and offer him his favorite dish or play his favorite games. Sooner or later, the dog will calm down and starting acting normal.
It is very hard to eradicate the dog’s anxiety. But, the only thing we can do in a situation like this is to lower its anxiety by employing activities which the dog loves.

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