Apple Bottoms clothing for girls

Apple bottom clothes were introduced in 2003 by the rap artist Nelly, cousin Yomi Martin and friend Ian Kelly. They had a major success of the men’s wear line Vokal and noticed an important change in the urban fashion industry for girl’s wear line that provided a woman with curves.

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Nelly said that the brand Apple Bottoms was developed by the partners Martin and Kelly. After deciding to fix the name Apple Bottom and developing the concept of providing women with an apple Bottom figure, they began scheming their next step with the clothing line. The president of the company, Leslie Ungar, was particular that the clothing must be correct fit combining the trendy fashion. Apple bottoms for girls are made to fit the woman other than woman trying to fit the clothes.

The decision was finalized to make Apple Bottoms clothind.This launching was based on a six city tour across America, to find the perfect Apple Bottoms Girls, ie. young women aged between 18 and 25 for whom the clothing line may suit ideally. The tour which covered six major cities in America started in New York, included a stop in St.Louis and was stopped in Las Vegas. The focus of attraction of the tour was a reality show that was done by a collaboration of VH1 and the Apple Bottoms team. The success of the model contest conducted by Apple Bottoms had made people to be in front of television and the famous YouTube website was being searched greatly to see the missed episodes. The programmers of VH1 station made a lot of audiences who were sparklingly interested in the reality show.

The first launched collection by the company was Apple Bottoms jeans. The Apple Bottoms women’s collection of denim jeans were sold out in a faster rate that was beyond the company’s expectation. Nelly now thought of the idea that Hip Hop clothes could move faster. The partners were also thinking in the same way as Nelly. This idea proved to be really a golden one. They all believed that women need clothing to fit them and not that clothes would require a woman to wear it. After its successful launching Apple Bottoms expanded into Apple Bottoms for girls. This development in the expansion of business brought out the fact that there is no age limit in the market and clothing is needed to fit the women or young lady or girl who is wearing it.

Apple Bottoms gained unbelievable gain in the global market sales that the brand items totally projected or brought out $50 million revenue in 2004, only a year after it has been launched. Online purchase can be done to buy this brand clothing with available discounts. The Apple Bottoms brand is mostly liked by women because of its abundant diversity, fashionable design and wide range sizes that are made available. Apple Bottom jeans give a woman the great feeling of herself, exactly the same feeling that our perfumes and cosmetic items provide us. Apple Bottoms have made distinctive fashion designs that are fit for a classy woman of all sizes. The brand’s designs cover a wide range of collection from jewellery to denim to clothing to handbags and now started to put their foot prints into the beauty world too. Now they are into developing perfume that helps a woman to express her style and confidence, and it is developed for strong sexy woman who loves her body and who tries to exhibit her way of doing in everything she does.

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