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The apple store is a series of retail stores owned and maintained by apple Inc. These store sale computers, laptops, and other consumer goods.

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Apple laptop discount is a major contribution from this shop to the consumers. The Apple has opened about 276 stores across the world and we can find major shops in the US country to give Apple laptop discount.

Well trained shop members are required to assist customers about the discounts, new model products and queries of customer. So Apple Store has a variety of staff trained for specific tasks and clean and quality maintenance purpose. All staff members of apple store are gets trained in specific fields which include the following specialists. Apple laptop discount are announced by these staff members only.

· Concierge performs assorted customer service tasks, such as: hosting the entrance to the store, greeting customers, maintaining and running the Genius and iPod Bar and answering the store’s phones. A concierge is recognizable by their orange shirt and this is the color code for all apple stores around the world.

· Specialist – Answers questions about Apple products and third party accessories. Specialists conduct product sales as well as explain the store’s promotions and services, such as Apple Care, Mobile Me and One to One. Specialists carry a hand-held checkout device called an Easy Pay, which is used to process customer payments and helps in saving time of the customer.

· Genius – Diagnoses issues with Apple products, as well as performing repairs or providing replacement services. Customers make an appointment to see a Genius at the Genius Bar if they are having problems with a Mac, iPhone, Apple laptop or any accessories related to apple.
· Creative – Provides training sessions on a variety of topics for One to One customers. Creative teach customers about their Mac as well as various apple software, such as “iLife” and “iWork”. Many Creative are also certified to teach about Apple’s pro applications, such as Aperture and Final Cut Express.

· Theatre Presenters – This role is only seen in larger stores locates in London and New York cities. Theatre presenters carry out workshops and demonstrations about Apple hardware and software, to a large crowd of peoples or for a small group by carrying out workshops.

Apple laptop discount has to be approved by the respective laptop company and apple store sales according to the discount price. Many apple stores offers low discount prices for the old version laptops and sales the products in favor of the customer. Apple provides a fully assembled user convenient laptop having 17 inch display screen, a powerful durable PowerPC G4 processor, and super drive option in a limited space. Apple provides three eMac options for schools students.

The price range starts from just $649. Students enrolled for higher education in U.S. higher education institutions like New Jersey, Canada etc are eligible for considerable Apple laptop discount. Discount Laptops provides detailed information about discount laptops, discount laptop batteries, and more. Discount Laptops is affiliated with Live Spy Cam. Apple laptop discount are more effectively applicable for students and high class organizations and other apple related communities.

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