Aquarius likes and dislikes

Aquarius likes and dislikes can be quite weird to start with. Aquarius is a very lucky horoscope and people who have Aquarius as their horoscope are generally craving towards fame.

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Aquarius likes certain things that are specific. A general aquarius also likes people and is usually considered to be very friendly and socialistic. Aquarius likes to be famous and they usually love a little bit of attention especially from the opposite sex. Another notable thing that differentiates aquarius is that aquarius loves to contemplate things. This contemplating may be usually among themselves. In general, aquarius people love a little bit of privacy too. They want to be left in their own world so that they can plan for their future and other things. As much as an aquarius likes to be friendly and socialistic, they also want their own privacy whenever they wish so. An aquarius likes to dream a lot and they have fantasy in magic, rainbows and the skies. They share a mystical side that makes them all the more interesting. An aquarius likes to give a lot of importance in their own personal growth. But, this does not mean that aquarius is quite selfish because it is not at all so. Aquarius likes to be glamorous and trendy. They have their own well defined style of dressing and make up. Even though they are quite studious by nature, an aquarius loves to enjoy time with their friends and do a lot of partying and other fun and stuff. Thus, an aquarius is one guy whom you want in your party all day. An aquarius also likes to think about the past. This means that he or she does not mind taking a trip down memory lane. An aquarius likes to have fun with his or her circle of friends.

An aquarius likes and dislikes are very genuine and interesting to read when compared to other horoscopes because it describes the mentality of the person as a whole.

Even though an aquarius has several likes, he or she is like any other human being in this planet. An aquarius dislikes showing off. An aquarius dislikes boasting and hates boasters more than anyone else in this world. An aquarius also dislikes fighting and violence since he or she is usually of the peace loving kind. Aquarius dislikes reaching out their hand in order to get a loan or borrow something from someone. Aquarius dislikes dishonesty especially from closed ones. If there is one thing that an aquarius dislikes a lot, then it is dishonesty. An aquarius dislikes empty promises. If you are making a promise to aquarius person, then make sure you fulfill the promise else you are going to face it. If there is one thing other than boasting that you do not want to do in front of aquarius, then it is imitating because an aquarius dislikes imitating someone or anyone imitating others. An aquarius dislikes something ordinary. He or she will not accept anything ordinary in any issue as he or she will always want to try or witness something special in his or her life. Another thing that an aquarius dislikes is loneliness and that too loneliness in an excessive amount. It has to be noted that in both the aquarius likes and dislikes, he or she prefers to be silent and not too expressive in his or her joys or sorrows. Another thing to watch out for in the aquarius likes and dislikes is that the person craves for fame and also hates it when overcrowded.

Thus, the common aquarius likes and dislikes have been discussed.

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