Aquarius Personality

Persons who possess the Aquarius personality tend to be independent in nature and highly intelligent. The sun sign that possesses the Aquarius personality is born from January 21st to February 19th.

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Individuals who have an Aquarius personality will be amiable towards you and compassionate. Celebrities who are born under the Zodiacal sun sign of Aquarius possessing Aquarius personality traits are Oprah Winfrey and John Travolta.

The person with an Aquarius personality is one who is cheerful, sensitive and logical as well as one who possesses a great amount of self-esteem. The Aquarius personality can be very strong willed or highly subdued and have the innate ability to reach the highest points in their chosen professions. The individual with an Aquarius personality if treated without regard will become discouraged. Individuals who have an Aquarius Personality are blunt, very precise as to what they believe and philosophical with regard to their viewpoints.

Aquarians with respect to Aquarius personality rule over the color of red which is associated with love. If you wish to see the Aquarius personality at his or her best then present the sun sign with wearing apparel splashed in red or flora in this color. If they seem not as cheery as usual you will see a difference in their demeanor if you offer up something attractive in the color of red.

The Aquarius personality is unique in that they will go about from an external perspective very cool and calm. This is the image they present to the World around them. However deep down in their core they are full of enthusiasm. The male and female Aquarius personality is adventuresome as to the direction of their relationship. The Aquarius personality is someone who is continually seeking within the bounds of a personal-intimate relationship a partner who enjoys having fun appreciates romance and is healthily committed to the union. In other words they are looking for stability and passion with the person they choose to inter-mingle.

The person possessing the Aquarius personality is very open-minded as to whom they will date. They embrace knowing persons from various cultures and religious backgrounds. The necessity to be an independent thinker and expressive is significant to the Aquarius personality. Additionally, the individual with the Aquarius personality is picky as to their dislikes and likes when it comes to types of employment, avocations, fashion and cuisine. It may seem they have reached the point of eccentricity with regard to their personal likes and dislikes: However, they are very clear as to what they will wear and will not wear, or what it is they prefer to eat and what it is that will not be on tonight’s menu.

The Aquarius personality of the female born under this Zodiacal sign is one who is highly independent in nature. In fact if you wish to win her over it is highly advisable you give her plenty of freedom to play by her own set of particular rules.

The male Aquarius personality can be a very good friend that is if he decides he likes you. You will need to be very patient in your approach with him as he does not like someone who is emotionally needy. Maintain your own independent train of thought within the relationship and he will eventually open up to you and will prove to be a very affable human-being respective of the Aquarius personality.

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