Aquarius Traits

Aquarius Traits relative to the individual born under the Aquarian sun sign may be simply explained using the following words: Extroversive in nature, ethical, intelligent and amiable.

Aquarius with respect to Aquarius traits is the eleventh sign within the Zodiacal house and is symbolically portrayed as the water-bearer.

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The representation or Zodiacal symbol and respective of Aquarius traits is that of a man who is pouring water.

Individuals exhibiting Aquarius traits are born from the date of January 21st to the date of February 19th. The water bearers respective of Aquarius traits were ruled by Saturn however nowadays the planetary reign has shifted to Uranus.

The element of Aquarius relative to Aquarius traits is that of air. The Aquarius sun sign from an astrological perspective is thought of as a very positive sign.

The sun sign, first off, falls under two distinct types of personalities. One type of personality and associative with Aquarius traits is patient and kind; the other personality type with respect to Aquarius traits is active yet logical. The two personality types relative to Aquarius traits like to socialize and tend to influence other individuals.

The Aquarius personality regardless of type and associative with Aquarius traits place their emphasis on areas that will provide improvement within the world he or she resides. The Aquarian with regard to Aquarius traits attract many persons to him or her, yet will be very particular with whom they associate.

You can expect the Aquarius male with respect to Aquarius traits to be an adventurer, dedicated, and full of self-assurance. The Aquarius male with regard to Aquarius traits is persuasive in getting other individuals involved in projects that are future-oriented and that will benefit the community as a whole.

You may say relative to Aquarius traits the man born under this Zodiacal sign is a highly-motivational person and as previously stated easily befriends other individuals. Once he makes a friend he encourages the person to do what is necessary in order to become a success. The Aquarius male relative to Aquarius traits is one who is good to know in business as well as within personal relationships. However, the male sun sign of Aquarius will not be the least bit revealing should something bother him. You’ll need to accept the relationship on an external yet friendly level.

The Aquarius Traits for the Aquarian woman are as follows: She is honest, purposeful and exudes beauty. She is also independent. If you are interested in gaining the affection of an Aquarius woman with regard to Aquarius traits you are advised to allow the female sun sign her space. The woman born under the Zodiacal sign respective of Aquarius traits enjoys setting up her own life guidelines. You will not be able to easily motivate her to do as you wish. Further the Aquarius woman relative to Aquarius traits is one who prefers to marry someone who has integrity than an individual who has an excessive bank account; therefore you’ll need to base your relationship with her more on character than anything else.

Persons born under the Aquarius sun sign and thus exhibiting Aquarius traits can be good friends: they are honest and very friendly.

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