Are you really in love

Love is a said to be a feeling that cannot be explained by the mouth. It has to be experienced by everyone before one can come to a conclusion as to whether are you really in love.

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To start with, no one knows the proper explanation as to whether love is a feeling or not. Some say it is a passing cloud and some say that it is the most beautiful thing in the world. There are several symptoms or things to watch out for to say whether are you really in love with him or her or not. Let us see some of these things:-

12 signs whether are you really in love or not


When you have been talking with them on the phone for a relatively long time and then you cut the phone, you miss him or her as if it has been ages since you last heard their voice.


Whenever you are walking with him or her, you walk really damn slow. This is because you want the moment to last forever.


When you are with your dream boy or princess, you feel a tinge of fear in your inner stomach and also shyness in your heart. This is because you feel really shy when you face your boy or girl. This is a sure sign of love.


A bright smile pops up on our face when we see him or her in a crowd and that too when we least expect to see them.


When you look at your dream person, you can see only him or her. You may be in a crowd. But still, the only person your eyes will focus on is your dream person. Your eyes will tend to ignore everything else as it would want to see only the person which it wants to see.


Nothing else is on your mind. He or she is the only thing your mind can think about all day long without feeling bored. This is a sure sign of love and it explains are you really in love with that person or not.


Our lips always tend to smile when we look at the person of our heart. Even if we are in a big sadness or grief, our heart always looks for a wide smile whenever the eyes catch hold of that special person.


You spend all your money for them. You would want to buy those costly gifts or at least a bunch of flowers daily.


You would do anything to make them smile even if it means humiliating yourself for making that person smile.


Your feet will have a natural tendency to follow wherever your dream person goes. You always crave to be with them.


We can never bear to see tears in the eyes of the person who is in our heart. Whenever we feel anger or sadness when we see a drop of tear in a loved one’s heart, it means that you are in love with that person.


While reading this article all along, there was one person in your mind. That person is the girl or boy of your dreams.

Thus, the answer to the question as to whether are you really in love or not can be explained from the above points.

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