Atkins diet foods to eat

To start off with, many people feel that Atkins diet is a non carbohydrate diet and a diet which recommends the consumption of high protein foods and high fat food. This is just a misconception.

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Atkins diet is nothing but a diet plan which helps people to consume the right kind of foods which the body would feel easier to digest and process more efficiently. Many people are not sure on the Atkins diet foods to eat. For their queries, let us discuss the various Atkins diet foods to eat.

Free foods

The food items discussed here can be eaten without any concern or limit.

Meat: – Meats such as mutton, ham, pork, and beef can be eaten unprocessed. Bacon is also allowed only if it is not processed with sugar as we want to go for a sugar free food. Nitrate free bacon is mostly preferably.

Poultry: – The various poultry items included here are chicken, turkey, goose, duck, ostrich and quail.

Fish: – Fish items such as tuna, salmon, catfish, sole, sardines and other varieties of fish can be consumed easily without any problem.

Eggs: – eggs that are given by chicken, goose, ducks and quail can be eaten without any fuss.


Salad vegetables: – Lettuces such as romaine, Mache can be consumed. Salad vegetables such as olives, mushrooms, radish and sprouts can be eaten as part of the Atkins diet foods to eat.

Other vegetables included as part of the Atkins diet are eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, turnips and beetroots. They are all safe and healthy to eat and it is just what the body needs.


Almost all the fat items are allowed to be consumed. Vegetable oils that are cold-pressed can be allowed. Butter is allowed and at the same time margarine is completely prohibited. Olive oils, seed oils and vegetable oils are also allowed as part of the Atkins diet foods to eat. Any fat that is part of the meat can also be consumed.


Several dairy items are allowed but you got to make sure that they are high fat and low carbohydrate. Yoghurt must be avoided and cheese must be limited to only 2 or 3 ounces a day. Soy cheese, goat’s milk cheese and cow’s milk cheese are all allowed. Other dairy products include light cream, sour cream and butter.


A large variety of beverages can be drunk when you are following the Atkins diet program. Water, tea, coffee, diet soda, cream, club soda, herbal tea and lemon juice can all be consumed. Take care that you got to avoid milk and other fruit juices.


Natural sugar is not permitted whereas artificial sugar can be included as part of the diet. Sucralose and saccharine can be added as sugar. It has to be kept in mind that sweeteners such as honey and corn soup are to be completely avoided.

Thus, the Atkins diet foods to eat have been discussed.

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