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After buying a car, monitoring the car is important. As soon as auto mobiles come to the state of repair, the people start to search the auto zone for auto parts.

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The question is who the best source for auto parts is.

The first source of auto zones for auto parts is your car dealer and your car dealer is a source for top-quality auto parts.
There are some good websites such as and These two auto parts stores sell good quality of auto parts. There is a good competition between these two companies. The best source is AutoZone for auto parts.

The secret about the AutoZone website is that it allows to shop online at more than one auto zone location. The prices of auto parts at different auto zones are different. For example, I recently my friend bought a coil pack for his Ford Taurus the price was $79.95 at one store, and the very same part was $54.95 at another nearby AutoZone store. The special feature of AutoZone website is that you can select products online, save it to a store list, and when you are finished making your online list, you can send the list to the store and the parts will be ready for you to pick up. is another site where you can select and pay for your auto parts online, and then pick up your order an hour later at the store.

If you want a radiator for your car, visit the website. This site provides the radiator 40-50% or more below the prices than other radiator suppliers. Before buying the radiators for your car check first.

The followings are the some tips to save money on your auto parts.
Do not take the parts that are made from the recycle steal. Log on to one of the Internet’s. Check the many discount auto parts stores and search for the exact make and model of the part you need.

After choosing your part, have it delivered to you in less than a week in most cases. Visit your local AutoZone for auto parts and talk to the salesperson about getting your part at a discount. Always take the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

Many auto stores have big sales on parts during the summer and fall. At that time you can buy parts at a big discount, plus save money on cheaper refurbished parts.
Search the Internet for coupons and discounts on auto parts. Sign up for auto parts newsletters at some good auto-focused online stores. Try to visit many websites and look for special savings on a range of parts.

A junk yard is one of the great places to buy the parts that you need. You can save a whole lot of money by purchasing at junk yard.
There are many different places to check out auto part prices. There are many independent stores that sell car part for low cost. Look your local phone book to know the phone number of auto zones. Call the auto zones for auto parts you wanted

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