Automobile sales statistics

The automobile sales statistics have boomed up amazingly in the recent months. It is hard to believe that the automobile sales statistics have risen up in such quick time.

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The sale of new cars and trucks rose up to a high extent in the month of October. The main heroes of this boost were Ford and GM. According to the department of automobiles, US auto sales hit about 10.56 million units which topped the 10.25 million that the department of automobile sales statistics had predicted at the start of the winter. The annual income of the United States of America had rose up to such a high extent all because of this car sales. After reporting the autonobile sales statistics, Ford is now looking to build up on its profit by introducing new and lavish schemes which is sure to attract its customers. It aims to catch up by 3 million USD in fresh funds and catch up with its competitors. These figures and stats help the industry to work out its growth and see where things have possibly gone wrong and what are the areas in which they can improve as well.

Due to the sudden increase of the automobile raw materials, it was thereby estimated that the the growth of the automobile industry would be very slow and low. But, the automobile industry exceeded its expectations by boosting the auto sales statistics to a never before range. The auto sales industry recorded a 23 % increase in its sales this year. The Light Commercial vehicle experienced a 22 % increase in its growth whereas the Medium Commercial vehicle experienced an overall 24 % in its growth. So, there is not much to choose between these two categories as you can see clearly from the above statistics. We must not forget about the automobile sales statistics of the two wheeler units as well. The two wheeler units experienced an overall 17 % increase in its growth which is considered to be relatively good when compared with the statistics of the previous years. More number of customer friendly schemes has been introduced in almost all of the automobiles companies which have propelled the customers to go for cheap and reliable automobiles which led to the growth of the automobile industry. The exporting of the automobiles has also added to the benefit of boosting the automobile sales statistics in the right manner.

It is too been seen that the requirements of the customers have not been fully satisfied. But, still the statistics are rising up to never seen heights. The companies’ efforts to satisfy its customers can be cited as one of the possible reasons for this growth. The country’s revenue can also increase to a great deal once they decide to import their products as well. The auto industry seems to be rising northwards which is a good sign for all of the people involved in these kind of companies. Very soon the auto companies would make a name for itself amidst all of the above sectors.

Thus, the automobile sales statistics has been discussed.

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