Beginners guide to computers

For people who are novices to computers, this is a precise beginners guide to computers. The beginners guide to computers is mainly focused on teaching the basic fundamentals of computers.

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As per the beginners guide to computers, the computer is defined as an electronic machine which is used to solve problems which are given by the user. If there is anyone of you who has owned a computer, then knowing the basics would be a piece of cake. But since, this is mainly a beginners guide to computers, we are starting from the definition.

The computer consists of several parts. Let us discuss each one of them in detail.

* Mouse

The mouse is said to be an input device. An object which is sued to give instructions to the computer is called as an input device. The mouse may contain 2 or 3 buttons and the mouse coming nowadays is equipped with a middle button as well. The purpose of the mouse is to serve as a pointing device for the objects on the monitor screen. The mouse is wired to the computer and wireless mouse models are also available nowadays. By double clicking the left mouse button, we can open the files and programs in the computer. By right clicking the mouse button, it will display a list of options for the file or program.

* Keyboard

The keyboard consists of a set of keys which are used to key in inputs to the computer. The arrangements of the keys are in QWERTY configuration model. In addition to the alphabet keys, we have the number keys, the function keys, the backspace key for deleting characters and also several other keys with a lot more functions.

* Monitor

The monitor is said to be an output device. It is called as an output device because it displays the results to the user. The monitor is like a television. The monitor can be switched on and off by pressing the small button which is usually present on the left hand bottom of the monitor. Using the monitor, it becomes easy and possible to play games, watch videos and type mails to your friends and family.

* Central processing unit

The central processing unit or the CPU is the most important part of the computer and it is often referred to as the heart of the computer system. Inside the CPU, important parts such as the hard disk, motherboard and processor are present. The hard disk is used for storing information. The processor is used for processing the requests that are sent by the user. The power supply which keeps the computer running is plugged into an electrical socket. The CPU also contains the memory unit and the control unit. The control unit is the one which takes care of all the instructions that are given to it and sends control statements to all the other parts of the computer.

Thus, the beginners guide to computers is shown as above.

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