Belly Rings Are Art For Your Body

Belly rings are not just a standard silver barbell anymore; they are a fashionable piece of artwork for the body.

Belly rings were once known to be simple, silver barbells. As they became more mainstream, that view changed.

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Today you can find them in any shape or design you can imagine. Most body jewelry has evolved over the years, but none as much as belly rings. They have truly become works of art.

Taking advantage of the location of the piercing and all the smooth flesh around it, navel rings have gotten larger than ever before without losing their daintiness. Instead of a basic curved barbell that you might be able to get in a few colors, you can now purchase rings that are fashion statements all on their own.

From the very popular belly rings that have charms hanging from them to the slightly less common ones that have belly chains connected to them, these rings can be found in any design you can think of. And the variety isnt only in design. They also vary greatly when it comes to color and accessories. Many come with jewels embedded in them to add extra sparkle and shine to the navel.

Really, the only thing that limits what your navel rings look like is your checkbook. You can find stainless steel, gold, platinum, even titanium if you are willing to spend the money. And those are just the base materials. Next comes and enamel work and stones. From fake plastic diamonds to actual rubies, pearls, and sapphires the sky is the limit in belly ring design.

With the large variety of belly rings available on the market today, they are treated more like any other piece of jewelry. Just as you would change your necklace depending on your outfit, you also change your navel ring. And with this choice of jewelry comes more and more outfits designed to showcase these little pieces of art.

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