Best Hamburger Recipe

Many terrific cooks find themselves scouring the “net” attempting to locate the best hamburger recipe. There are literally countless hamburger recipes of which to choose so finding the best hamburger recipe can be somewhat of a daunting task.

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Further, to make matters even more time-consuming there are also the deck of recipe cards many a cook has in his or her kitchen that are decades old providing the details of mom’s idea of the best hamburger recipe. However that said, although mom can’t really be disputed each cook would like to have in his or her own kitchen their own favored card with respect to the world’s best hamburger recipe. This article lays the matter to rest once and for all for many a cook who is searching for the prized best hamburger recipe. The best hamburger recipe in the opinion of this author is found below.

The idea behind what makes the following recipe the best hamburger recipe is the simple combination of bacon and onion incorporated into the ground beef. This mouth-watering scenario probably cannot be beat with respect to the best hamburger recipe. That said, first you will need to gather the ingredients for the world’s best hamburger recipe:

One and one-half pounds of ground beef;
One-half cup cooked and minced bacon;
One small minced onion or two tablespoons of dried minced onion.

Mix together the ingredients. Shape the mixture into hamburger patties and grill until done. Next, relative to the best hamburger recipe you’ll want to top the hamburger with your choice of A-1 steak sauce, ketchup or mustard. The best best hamburger recipe is complete. The accompaniments or sides with the above mentioned hamburger patties might include a generous portion of steak fries or perhaps a bowl full of your favorite seasoned baked beans or a little of both.

Of course the above recipe with respect to being the best hamburger recipe may not necessarily appeal to some of our cooks as the world’s finest. So in all fairness another possible best hamburger recipe is included within our article so at least our searching cook for the world’s best hamburger recipe is given a choice. For the cook who likes a little zest the following Cajun style hamburger recipe is suggested. This possible world’s best hamburger recipe is not time-consuming: only ten minutes preparation time an total of ten minutes cook time and is also affordable. What could be better? The Cajun style hamburger recipe can easily become a best hamburger recipe within your recipe card file. First as usual you’ll need to gather the ingredients for your Cajun-style best hamburger recipe. The ingredients are as follows:

One pound of ground beef;
One-quarter cup of your favorite barbecue sauce;
One egg (For the less experienced cooks, the egg is added as a binding ingredient to keep your hamburger patty from falling apart);
Three green onions chopped;
Three tablespoons dry bread crumbs (Tip number two: the bread crumbs also act as binding ingredients);
One tablespoon Cajun seasoning(Tip number three: You want a little salt, a little sweet and a whole lot of spice for a great Cajun style hamburger and world’s best hamburger recipe.);
One tablespoon prepared mustard;

One teaspoon Cajun Seasoning (The seasoning is to be used again within the best hamburger recipe);
Four to six slices of cheese

The next set of instructions naturally provides you with preparation of our Cajun-style best hamburger recipe:

First you will preheat the grill to high with respect to our best hamburger recipe;
Next you will want to mix together the ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, green onions, mustard and one tablespoon of the Cajun seasoning within a large bowl.
Take the hamburger mixture respective of the world’s best hamburger recipe and form into approximately four to six patties.
Next, in a small bowl with regard to the best hamburger recipe, you will want to combine one teaspoon of the Cajun seasoning and your favorite barbecue sauce.
Now that your grill is hot lightly oil it and cook the hamburger patties approximately five minutes per side or until they are done.
Place the cheese on the hamburgers and serve the patties topped with the seasoned barbecue sauce.

Summarily, whether you like your hamburgers plain or fancily seasoned, one of the above recipes will surely end up in your collection however flagged as the best hamburger recipe.

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