Best Hangover Cures

Where ever you may call home, whatever your language, religion, political or sports affiliation one thing is for sure. If you had too much to drink you will have a hangover.

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Where can you find the best hangover cures? I’m sure you can buy a book by that name…It may even be called “The best hangover cures”. No matter where you get this advice one thing is for sure, hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. H2O, although not my drink of choice by any means, seems to be the best ally in curing a hangover. Personally, I don’t touch either of these substances but if I really had to choose one it would be H2O for sure.

There are also measures you can take to avoid getting a hangover such as not drinking on an empty stomach or simply not drinking uncontrollably. In my honest opinion however, drinking is overrated. At least I haven’t found myself hung over. No, this is not an “I’m holier than thou” attitude; I simply never found the reason why a person would allow themselves to lose control. The second and most important reason is that I am not too keen on the alcohol taste so I haven’t found my drink of choice I guess.

If drinking is your hobby, and I stress in calling it a hobby not your occupation, you do need to research ways to heal after a long night of partying. Also you need to take into account your age and gender to some extent. Drinking habits are different in these categories. While young people drink out of peer pressure and may tend to do it more often than older adults. Older adults may drink out of stress in order to cope with whatever is happening in their current situation. There are also differences between male and female drinkers. Male drinkers may intake more alcohol or higher degrees of alcohol to maintain their alpha male status while women tend to steer to more sweet tasting drinks…or vice versa. I knew a girl that would drink any of her guy friends …but I digress.

Whatever the case may be here is my list of the best hangover cures I’ve managed remember from the many instances someone I knew became intoxicated. However the best hangover cure is really not to drink in the first place or at least not to do it in excess. Anyhow, her e is my 2 cents on this subject:

The best hangover cures:

· 2 tablets of Alka Seltzer before going to bed

· Drinking lots of water before going to bed

· Drinking Black coffee

· Eating something overly greasy (this would have to be my favorite)

· Vomiting and drinking lots of water

These cures have come highly recommended and probably have been around since the beginning of time. I’m sure at one point or another depending on the circumstance they have worked and therefore become The Best Hangover Cure and consequently someone’s best kept secret.

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