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The most important job of ant parent or guardian is to find the best website for their kids.
You must make sure that these websites provides good education and are easier to access by the kids. Websites that provides any other information except educational related matter must be out of reach.

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Advertising in the websites must be avoided. Last but not the least, these web sites must be available at free of cost. These are the basic criteria for parent to look up while they are providing the websites for kids.

There are few kids website where you can feel free to keep your child stay online. These websites are safer enough to browse. few of such websites are mentioned below.

Club penguin:
This is a web site that is most often being used by the children. There are many online gams that are not onky provides online games but it also helps in gaining more knowledge about the virual world of penguins. Club penguin offers many activities for childrens.this is one of the small range social network.this turned to be one of the best web sites that uses new technology and the best way to keeo the kids entertained with out any cost.

Yahoo kids:
This is one of the most famous web sites which provide all the possible things required. Games, videos, jokes, astrology, study material etc can be viewed on a click.
It provides a lot of information for the children which help in facing the fast growing world. It also provides the current updates happening in the world. This web site is a cool place for kids to start up their day.

National geographic for kids:
National geographic channel is the most favorite channel of all children. This channel provides with the web site also. This web site thoeritically shows all the required and useful material for children. It covers almost all that is necessary for the includes games,encyclopedia, videos and stories about the world. They also offer games and fun filled activities to children which helps them in learning as well as entertainment . This is one of the sites where inn childen is educated with fun and excitement.

This is a web browser which is available freely at present but in further days they might charge some amount as the premium services. This is one of the services which allow accessing the contents which are best suited for the children between the ages three to seven years old. This browser filters the content that are present and makes sure that the content what is provides are only for children. It is provided with a specific pass word which helps the child not going out of the safe environment. It has some added features such as daily time limit function which stops the child from sitting more in front of a computer.

Not only education is important, entertainment is also important for the normal growth of a child. We should keep in mind that entertainment that is provided should be in proper and useful way. Healthy entertainment helps in the growth of the children. There are numerous web sites that provide a healthy entertainment as well as spontaneous teaching. These web sites are mainly developed for the purpose of providing a good and proper environment for the children. These web sites keeps children always engaged in games.

So, these are some of the web sites that is said to be the best suited for the children, in order to provide them a healthy education as well as entertainment also.

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