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The standard way to define video search engine is- A video search engine is a web-based search engine which search the web for video content. Some video search engines allow you to see the contents and some search engines allows you to upload your videos.

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The video search engines are divided into two parts: Agnostic search engines: in this type of search engine the search is not affected by the hosting video and the results are agnostic. These are many in number.Non-agnostic search engines: these are few in number. Search results can be modified or suspected.

The following are the some if the best agnostic videos search engines: AltaVista Video Search is the world’s first video search engines with easy accessible use.
2. Blinkx was launched in the year 2004. This uses speech recognition and visual analysis to process spidered video. Blinkx claims to have the largest collection of video on the web.CastTV is a Web-wide video search engine that was developed in the year 2006 and developed by 3 persons called Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Ron Conway, and Marc Andreessen.Clipta is a one of the video search engine that indexes millions of videos from across the Internet. Clipta was developed in the year 2008. Dabble is a high powered video search engine having capacity to index 29 million videos across hundreds of videos sites. Dabble launched this in the year 2006. Now this video search feature temporarily unavailable at

Every zing formerly known as Podzinger until May, 2007 has spent $50 million building speech to text video search. By using speech recognition, Everyzing takes the user within the actual content. This allows the online video consumers to jump directly to the point in the video for which they are looking. Munax released its first version all-content search engine in the year 2005. This powers both nation-wide and worldwide search engines with video search.
8. Picsearch Video Search has been developed to search portals since 2006. Picsearch is a search technology provider which powers image, video and audio search for about 100 major search engines around the world.Truveo is a Web-wide video search engine that was developed in the year 2004 and launched in the year 2005. Truveo is able to search 100 million videos from thousands of sources across the Web. Yovisto is one of the academic video search engine developed for lecture recordings and scientific conference talks based on speech processing and OCR.

The followings are the Non-agnostic best video search engines: AOL Video offers a leading video search engine. This can be used to find video located on popular video destinations across the web. AOL acquired Truveo Video Search in the year 2005.Google Video is the most poplar video search engine. This search engine permits visitors to upload videos. This video search engine searches its own hosted content, Youtube and many other video hosting sites. Yahoo! Video Search engine examines video files on the internet using its Media RSS standard.

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