Billy Joel tour dates

Billy Joel is an American musician. He is also a song writer and a classical composer.

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Since his favorite hit Piano man, he has become the 6th best musician as per the records in the United States of America. His key feature is to go and perform in different countries. Billy Joel tour dates are a great demand. Billy Joel tour dates have been recently announced also. The good part of the Billy Joel tour dates is that it is feasible. All those days come mostly in the lower part of the year. His best tour was in France when he performed to the expectations of a huge crowd.

Let us have a look at the Billy Joel tour dates.

Billy Joel is expected to put up a mass show on the 4th of November of this year 2009 in Seattle. This show is expected to attract thousands of people and the venue which is fixed is key Arena for his performance. The timings for this show are in the evening time although the timings have been printed as 7pm in the front side of the tickets.

The next show for Billy Joel is set to be performed on November 7th of the year 2009. This time, he is expected to perform in the same venue as well. This means the place is Seattle and the venue chosen again is Key arena. This is mainly meant to be a repeat performance of what he does on the 4th of November to entertain the people who have missed out. After this is all settled, the next show is on November 10 of 2009. This time Joel travels all the way up to Portland where he is again expected to turn up thousands for his show. The Rose garden arena is chosen as his venue for performing a solo performance. This is expected to be a big show. Come November 14 and we can see our Joel perform in Oakland in the Oracle Arena. The ticket prices here have not yet been announced officially but people have been asked to watch out for the prices in the internet. HP pavilion arena in San Jose is expected to heat up on November 17 as Joel is all set to give another of his priceless performances.

Salt Lake City which is so far famous for its Friday the 13 events are going to get famous soon for another incident. This is none other than Joel’s performance on the 20th of November at the Energy solutions arena. These months as well as the next are promised to nonstop action and entertainment as Joel is on a wide tour of the United States. November 22nd he is expected to perform in Denver. Once that is over, Oklahoma City is expected to be his hunting ground on the 25th of November. Little rock is also gearing up to welcome Joel for his show on the 28th of November.

Thus, Billy Joel tour dates have been discussed.

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