Bravo TV show is a German television program. It was existing on sat.1 from January 1985 to December 1986 and then on RTL 11 from May 1993 to December 2002.

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ZDF took the show in February 2003 and it was cancelled in November 2004 because the rating was bad. The show was again restarted in November 5, 2005 and was cancelled in May 2007. The Bravo TV shows covered the same topics as in the Bravo magazine. It consists of some detailed music charts, guests and some of the music videos which were selected by the viewers.

In recent years Bravo TV show is becoming famous producing large number of reality shows. It has around 79 million viewers. Bravo is totally different from other television networks. The reality shows on Bravo networks are

Project Runway: It is one of the famous reality show in Bravo. The show is on fashion designing. The participants of the show strive hard to come first so that they can become the next hottest designer in America. The elimination takes place weekly. The elimination round continues every week until the last three participants remain. The winner gets a huge cash prize along with other offers such as a vehicle, a chance to work with a famous clothing company.
Top Chef is the first reality show that took place in the Bravo Network. It was started in the year 2006. in this show many talented chefs compete with each other. The winner of the program will be given an enough cash to start their own restaurant. They also get other benefits also.
Top Design is also a famous reality show on Bravo which was started in the year 2007. In this Bravo TV show the talented interior designers participate. The Designer who has created the best design will win the show.

Shear Genius is also a reality show in Bravo Network which was started in April 2007. It is show to find out the best hair stylist.

Work out is a reality show on Bravo network which was started in November 2006.
Queer Eye which was started in the year 2003 was one of the hit during that season. This reality show has won the Emmy award.

Showbiz Moms & Dads – This is one of the reality show in Bravo Network. This was popular but it did not reach the height of success like other reality shows in Bravo Network. The Bravo TV show consisted of children and their parents who wanted to become popular in the word of entertainment.

Million Dollar Listing – This is one of the most famous reality show in Bravo Network. This show was started on August 29,2006. The show is about the real estate agents who sell the best properties. The two different real estate companies are covered in a show which explains about the things which they have to deal with while trying to sell a property worth of million dollars.
There are still many interesting reality shows that takes place in Bravo Network and hence this Bravo Network is famous for the reality shows.

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