Building a wood fired oven

Building a wood fired oven is very easy. First of all, let us see as to what is a wood fired oven first.

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A wood fired oven is an oven which uses wood fuel for cooking purposes. It can be made in our own backyard and building a wood fired oven is not too much costly as well. Basically, before building a wood fired oven, we got to keep in mind that there are two types of oven namely black ovens and white ovens. Both of them are very much different in their ways of cooking and so we got to review the purposes of both of them before building a wood fired oven.

In order to build a wood fired oven, we got to construct them in parts.

Foundation slab

First of all, we need to set up a foundation slab that can be a standalone slab for the oven. The foundation slab can be made with the help of a wire mesh.

Stand and insulating hearth

Oven dome and cooking surface is now set up or fixed on an insulating hearth and a stand which is placed close to the foundation slab. The floor of the oven must be placed in such a way that it is pretty low so that we can easily place the food materials that are to be cooked. The correct height would be about 42 inches to be exact. The height and width of the stand and the insulating hearth must be about the same. The insulating hearth is mainly used for providing a smooth surface for the cooking floor to rest upon.

Cooking surface and vent floor

Food items such as pizza and bread can be cooked directly on the cooking floor without much fuss. Other items like vegetables are placed on a cookware and then cooked in the oven. It is important for the cooking surface to be built with the help of bricks which are of high quality. Anyhow the bricks are prone to wear and tear and so a large number of bricks are placed at close quarters.

Oven dome

On top of the oven chamber, a circular dome made up of bricks is built. The purpose of the dome is to absorb heat coming from inside the oven. Firebricks are recommended for building the dome because they would provide the high temperatures that are required for cooking food items such as pizza.


The oven’s vent along with the chimney is placed outside the oven unlike the chimney of a fireplace.


The oven is furnished with two openings namely the one into the oven and another optional opening around the vent. We can either build an oven door or build them on our own.


The top of the vent is generally connected to a chimney. The chimney is very much essential during the building of a wood fired oven.


The finish materials include items such as marble, granite, stucco and stone.

Thus, the instructions for building a wood fired oven have been explained.

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