Cabbage soup diet best recipe

Cabbage soup diet best recipe is prepared from the ingredients like six onions, two tomatoes, celery sliced with one bunch, Lipton of one package which is a mixture of onion soup, the half chopped cabbage bouillons of 1 or 2 cubes as well as we can add pepper, garlic, parsley, 6 cups of water and salt as per taste.

The procedure of preparing the cabbage soup diet best recipe:

Initially, we need to pour oil in the pan and let it to get warm and pour the mixture of onions, wait till it turns to be golden brown color, then we can add the mixture of chopped cabbage into the pan. Simultaneously, we can also add the remaining ingredients’ mixture also.

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We have to keep for at least for 2 minutes to get it warm of all these mixtures and then we should pour the water into the pan as per our desire.

We should keep on checking whether it has boiled or not. When boiling, we need to take of one thing that, water should not be remained in the pan after boiling. After some time, we can use it.

We can also prepare various kinds of cabbage recipes like soft cabbage, skillet grouse cabbage, cabbage scallop by bacon along with cheese and so on.

Preparation of cabbage soup diet recipe by creamy sauce:


One average head of cabbage, as regards of one and half pounds.
Two cups of beef broth.
Two eggs
Three fourth cup half and half.
One and half tea spoon salt.
Dash pepper.
Dash nutmeg.
Three table spoon olive oil.
White wine vinegar of three table spoon.
Sugar of two tea spoons.
Ground sweet paprika.

Procedure: First we have to cut the cabbage with 8 pieces. Put this cabbage in the large pan after washing it. We can add the mixtures of beef broth to make it boil by uncovering the pan. We have to warm the cabbage for some time. Then only, we can add all the ingredients like eggs, cream salt, pepper as well as nutmeg.

In the top of the binary boiler, we have to heat the olive oil, sugar and vinegar. This hot mixture should stir in to the mixture of egg and again it is pored in to the double boiler. We should boil this mixture until it will become thickened, for that we need to stir it continuously. After it is get boiled, we need to put this cabbage in a warm bowl to pour the sauce over all cabbage wedges with paprika.

This cabbage recipe is also used for dieting purposes. Whenever we are using cabbage soup, we should manage at least 15 days while doing repetition. For doing cabbage soup diet best recipe, we need to follow some instructions are as below.

In the first day, we can eat all kinds of fruits except bananas. I this day, we should have fruits and cabbage soup. We can also have water as well as juice.
In second day, we can eat all the cooked vegetables except dry beans, peas and corn. We can also have boiled potato with lard for our dinner.
In the third day, we can eat the mixtures of fruits, vegetables as well as the cabbage soup as per instructions of first and second days.
In the fourth day, we should eat at least eight bananas and we should drink more milk as possible which helps to consume the cabbage soup.
In the fifth day, we should eat more beef and a number of tomatoes without forgetting to take the cabbage soup also.
In the sixth day, we should eat beef, fruits as well as vegetables with having the cabbage soup.
In the seventh day, we should eat brown rice, vegetables and juices with cabbage soup diet best recipe. We can also have the green vegetables.

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