Cabbage soup diet best recipe

Cabbage soup is very good for our health. The chief feature of cabbage is that it is very easy for the human body to digest.

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Since it is easily digestible, it is very good for heart patients. Cabbage soup diet best recipe is generally consumed by people who have heart diseases. In addition to this, cabbage soup diet best recipe is also consumed largely by people who want to lose a considerable amount of weight in their body. This is a very common diet nowadays. This diet involves drinking cabbage soup for seven days in a different style. On each day, you consume a fixed diet of food and it is compulsory that you drink cabbage soup for a good balanced nutrition. Cabbage soup diet best recipe has been approved by doctors. Let us now explain as to how to prepare the cabbage soup so that you can follow the cabbage soup diet best recipe.

You require a fair number of ingredients for preparing the cabbage soup. In order to prepare the cabbage soup, the first thing that you need is 6 onions. You may also require 2 green peppers for flavor. In addition to this, 2 cans of tomatoes will also do well in preparing the soup. For every soup that we prepare, it is always good to add some carrots. In this case, 3 carrots are more than enough. Mushrooms can also be added to the soup as they are always welcome in any dish since they are good for health. Now, it is time to add the main ingredient namely the cabbage. Add about half a head of cabbage. Lipton soup mix is added in suitable proportion. Last but not the least, it is always a good choice to add salt, curry and garlic powder to enhance the taste.

Use about 10 cups of water and keep the soup pot on a stove and heat it on low. Allow the soup to cook for a really long time. 2 hours are more than enough. After 2 hours, pour the soup in a bowl and keep it in normal room conditions. Do not keep it in a fridge as it would ruin the taste.

The cabbage soup diet best recipe is only meant to be applied for 7 continuous days. Let us see them:-

Day 1

On day 1, you have the license to eat all the fruits that you have always wished to eat. Bananas are also permitted. At the end of it all, have some cabbage soup. You can also drink fruit juices.

Day 2

Now, it is the turn of the vegetables. Eat all the green leafy vegetables that you like either raw or cooked. But, take care to avoid beans and corn. Drink cabbage soup also.

Day 3

Day 3 is a combined form of day 1 and day 2.

Day 4

On this day, eat up to 8 bananas and drink as much glasses of milk that you can. Do not forget to drink cabbage soup also.

Day 5

Eat about 8 to 10 ounces of beef and 8 tomatoes. Have some cabbage soup also.

Day 6

On this day, you have ample time to eat beef and vegetables and some cabbage soup also.

Day 7

Brown rice, fruits, fresh fruit juices are welcome with some cabbage soup of course.

Thus, the cabbage soup diet best recipe has been discussed as above.

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