Can cat fleas bite humans

It’s very interesting to note that there are different types of fleas. The most common fleas found in our house are the ones our pets take home with them.

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If you have dogs or cats, chances are they have fleas for no matter what we do, fleas are the toughest pests to get rid of. The only way to get rid of them is by not having any animals in the house at all! However, even with that, you can still get fleas from other animals you do not own.

First of, there is such a thing as cat fleas and dog fleas but what is interesting is that dog fleas do not have dog fleas instead they have cat fleas! That’s right …. Dogs have cat fleas! Even more interesting, there are no dog fleas in the US!!!

So what? So there are cat fleas on both our dogs and cats, who cares right? Well, you may be wondering, can cat fleas bite humans? The answer is, yes!

Fleas are parasites and not only do they suck the blood of animals but they like human blood too. However, only the adult fleas feast on blood. A flea larva will eat whatever debris is around them. These larvae are usually found where the animals sleep often. It takes 2 weeks for them to hatch – depending on the temperature – the warmer it is, the faster the egg hatches. So, are these cat fleas? Can cat fleas bite humans?

Cat fleas can bite humans and usually the fleas go for the legs or the feet. The bites are usually small and red. These flea bites are usually the culprit for some medical as well as veterinary problems. If the bites get irritated, this could lead to infection. Some of the fleas, being that they are parasites, transmit diseases such as plague, murine typhus and even the cat tapeworm and, even our pets could sometimes be allergic to flea bites. Can cat flea bite humans? Not only could they bite, they could cause major problems to humans.

Don’t worry, however, in as much as cat fleas can bite humans, we can also prevent them from biting us. First of, be sure to treat your pet/s with either over the counter methods, homeopathic remedies that are available out there. Bathing your dog helps control that flea infestation. Vacuuming constantly, if you suspect that you do have fleas in the house, don’t only vacuum in places that you can reach, go under that couch and bed too. Change the sheets, if your pet sleeps with you or your child, and treat the area where your pet often lays.

So, if you do not already have a pet or are thinking of having a pet but you’re worried because of that question, can cat fleas bite humans, sure they can but there are ways to prevent it and ways to treat flea bites so go ahead and love that pet or get one — just be sure to treat them for fleas and continue to treat them.

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