Can fleas live on people

Can fleas live on people? They could but for the most part they would rather live on our pets. The fleas like to go from one host to another.

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They would rather move than stay in one place.

So, are you thinking of getting a cat or a dog but are afraid of fleas invading your home? Are you wondering if having animals in the house would mean fleas on your animals and therefore in the house and can fleas live on people? What it is it, they would live in the environment where the animals are. Chances are, the reason the fleas can live on people is because the pets are either sleeping with them in bed regularly, laying on the couch with them, does not get treatments or baths to rid of the fleas.

So, can fleas live on people? Sure, but only temporarily. The fleas don’t like staying on humans. The best thing to do to avoid those fleas living on people is by constant vacuuming, wash the sheets and treat your pet.

Are you afraid of letting your pets out of the house for fear they would catch more fleas and those in turn can fleas live on people. The treatment that you give your pets could help control and even kill the eggs and therefore control the fleas. Remember to bathe your dog, and cat if you can. Combing your animals can take those fleas off of your pets too. Constant vacuuming could pick up the fleas and/or their eggs and that could then make use feel better for can fleas live on people? Not if we can help it.

There are flea controls, natural remedies to rid and control the fleas, clean your house, wash the sheets, vacuum, comb your pets and give them baths frequently. Botanical treatments are available too and not only would it be good for your animals but it’s safe around your children too.

For severe flea problems, ask your veterinarian of the best way to get rid of and to control the fleas. There are sprays and pills that you can give your pets that would make those pesky things either fall off your pet or kill them and prevent them from coming back. Remember to bathe your dog and let the shampoo stay on your dog for 10 – 15 minutes to kill the fleas. Enjoy your pet and let your children enjoy them too. The best thing to do to avoid those fleas from biting your children, and yourself, is to make sure they do not frequent sleeping with you and your children. If they do, make sure to change the sheets frequently and we cannot stress enough the importance of vacuuming. Vacuuming not only picks-up the fleas jumping around the house but it could also get the eggs. Remember to throw the vacuum bag out as the fleas could still be living in the bags and the eggs could survive and hatch and thus making more fleas.

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