Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Cappadocia is one of the best tourist places in the world. It is also called as Kapadokya.

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Kapadokya/Cappadocia is one of the best place on the earth for hot air Cappadocia balloon tours. It is in a region in central Turkey, largely in Nevsehir Province. The area is a famous and popular tourist destination. Cappadocia has many areas with unique geological, historic and cultural features. The region is located southwest of the major city Kayseri. The Cappadocia has airline and railway service to Ankara and Istanbul. Cappadocia is accepted as the best place to fly with balloons in the world by many pilots. The spectacular landscape of the area makes this experience even more breath-taking. There are 3 different types of balloon flights in Cappadocia changing according to flight duration and services. There are many types of Cappadocia balloon tours.

Short Cappadocia Balloon Tours offers you about one hour flight time on the air. The last year I went to Cappadocia and I traveled in Balloon. I went through Heritage Travel. They picked me from my hotel early in the morning, before sunrise and driven to take-off site. After I took hundreds of pictures of the valleys of Cappadocia. They landed in a place, there celebrated my flight with champagne. After getting my flight certificated they took back to hotel around 08:30am. So I had a full day for other activities without a nap. Short balloon flight is 160 Euro per person including transfers from/to hotel, a light breakfast, champagne celebration, insurance and flight certificates. They offer 10 Euro discount on cash payments so the rate becomes 150 Euro per person.

The second is long Cappadocia balloon tour. The duration is about 1.5 hours. For people who are professionally interested in photography and aviation, these tours are the perfect choice. The main difference of the deluxe flights tour and short tour is that deluxe is a longer flight time but the tourist is going to fly in smaller baskets with less people, usually between 6 and 10. Deluxe balloon flight is 250 Euro per person including transfers from/to hotel, a light breakfast, champagne celebration and flight certificates. They offer 20 Euro discount on cash payments so the rate becomes 230 Euro per person. The last is the VIP Cappadiocia balloon tour and the duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you have a special thing to celebrate such as an anniversary, birthday, wedding any other important event, than by taking a balloon flight just for two in a small balloon.

The “Swan Balloon” is different from the other passenger balloons flying in Cappadocia. The swan balloon has room for the pilot and two passengers in the basket. In swan balloon your flight is a very personal experience which can be tailored for you and your partner.VIP flight offers special services, like private transfer from your hotel to the launch site. It also includes special drinks and refreshments on the launch site whilst the balloon is being inflated, a gentle balloon flight for two people lasting around 1 hour 15 minutes, champagne and refreshments after landing and transfer from the landing site back to your hotel in your personal transport. You are going to get souvenirs of the flight and personalized Flight Certificates. The cost of this unique experience is 500 Euro per person including all above services.

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