Cartoon characters Disney

In Disney world there are many cartoon characters. This cartoon characters Disney are liked by children a lot, some of the favorite cartoon characters children like the most are Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald duck, Bubba, scrooge, Louie, Goofy etc.

The cartoon entertained us in films, videogames .In television many channels are there for cartoon shows, which always shows different cartoon characters in many programs.
Many cartoon characters Disney are there for many decades, they have change their view to simple cartoon characters to icons model in this pop culture.

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These characters are very much famous not only for their visual appearance but also for their voice and special character in such manner they played it. These cartoon character Disney are so much familiar to us as a friend or as if he is one of our family members. There are five or six cartoon characters who are the most famous one both in past and present.

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 15th may 1928 as a replacement of cartoon character Lucky rabbit. Mickey is the most famous cartoon character in the whole world. Minnie Mouse also created along with Mickey in the same date. The birth day celebration of all cartoon characters Disney are done by the Walt Disney Company every year in the date they were created. Although Mickey and Minnie were created in may but their birth day celebrated in 18th Nov 1928 because in this date classic cartoon Steamboat Willie was released and after this release the popularity of Mickey increases a lot. Mickey came in 120 cartoon film and even more than that. First speaking character of Mickey came in 1929 at THE KARNIVAL KID. In 1955 Mickey Mouse club is debuted and in 1977 and 1990 it was revived twice.

Another famous cartoon character is queen of the animated screen Betty boop created in 9th Aug 1930 by Grim Nat wick first and then after modeled by Helen Kane, the famous singer of 1920. Grim Nat wick later became the animator of Walt Disney. In 1932 Batty boop took the shapely human in the cartoon character any rags and which was accepted very much and loved world wide. Her famous cartoon was Minnie the Moocher. She has appeared in more than 110 cartoon characters. Bug Bunny comes in 27th July 1940 taken as greatest cartoon of every time. His first cartoon film was A WILD HARE in the direction of Tex Avery which act was very much appreciated by public and he became a famous cartoon character then after. He has done more than 175 cartoon films. He was honored in star on the Hollywood walk.

In 5th April 1987 Bart Simpson come to stage on Fox verity show. On 17th December 1989 he came in THE TRACEY ULMAN SHOW which is a series of half an hour in television, which has completed its more than 400 episodes. 1st May 1999 Sponge Bob appear whom both adult and children liked a lot. Sponge Bob was created by Stephen Hillenburg, the animator and former biologist. So this cartoon character Disney has a great impact in our day to day life and also children learn a lot from them.

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