Cat illness symptoms

Cat symptoms are usually tough and they are hard to find out. There are some symptoms that can attribute to an illness.

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Let us see some of them briefly below:-

* Ear infections

Ear infection is a common cat illness. There are several symptoms for this. Foul odor will come from the ears of the cat. The cat may itch its ears frequently which reveal that something is definitely wrong. This may be followed by swelling up of the ear lap.

* Ear mites

Ear mites may occur when the cat is not bathed or cleaned properly. Some of the symptoms of this cat illness are excessive formation of ear wax, inflammation and constant itching of the ear lobes. When this happens, it is necessary to take the cat to a good vet and diagnose it and give proper medical care.

* Fatty liver disease

This is another cat illness that may occur. The main symptoms of this cat illness are reluctance to eat food, excessive formation of saliva, frequent vomiting, and yellowing of the skin on the body and also the whites in the eyes. The mass of the muscles also decreases slowly.

* Feline diabetes

This cat illness disease is often identified by general symptoms such as excessive thirst and frequent need to urinate. Overall run down condition is a mild symptom and the weight of the cat decreases slowly with time after the onset of this feline diabetes disease. But, it is not fatal.

* Gum disease

This is a cat illness and the symptoms can be diagnosed easily as all of them are external symptoms which are easy to find. The appetite of the cat is reduced and there is presence of foul breath also. The gums of the cat start to bleed as a result of which the affected cat feels difficult to eat food. Mouth ulcer may start to develop and teeth also starts to fall down one by one since the gums are no longer strong.

* Hyperthyroidism

This is a common cat illness that is bound to occur in most pet cats if they are not taken care of properly. Some of the notable symptoms are increased appetite and simultaneous weight loss. The cat may also start to get irritated for small reasons and may tend to be aggressive.

* Kidney stones

As in human beings, less intake of water may also cause the same kidney stone syndrome in cats. This disease is identified by the basic symptoms such as the presence of blood in the urine and frequent urination in small quantities. The cat may also feel some sort of difficulty in breathing.

* Respiratory tract infection

The respiratory tract is prone to attacks if the pet is no taken care of properly. Some of the notable symptoms of this cat illness are breathing problems and fever. In addition to this, the cat may experience running eyes, sneezing, and excessive production of saliva.

Thus, the cat illness symptoms have been discussed in detail.

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