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Prometheus Review – Symbols and Themes ... by

Prometheus, directed and produced by Ridley Scott, had quite a bit of hype, especially from me. It was great, and had a few plot holes in the second half that didn’t quite ruin it, but were unpleasant. Ads by Google Many viewers will not “get it” if they have not seen and remember the original [...]

How To Choose Works Of Art For Private Residences ... by

When browsing through countless artwork online with the aim of choosing a selection to put on display in your own home, you may feel a certain amount of confusion as to which to actually purchase. Trying to decide which would look best in a dominant position in your dining room, brightening your living room walls, [...]

Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries – Forward to the Past ... by

The Heroin Diaries – A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rockstar, Nikki Sixx with Ian Gihins, Pocket Books, 2008. This is not actually a book, but more of a collection of entries from Nikki Sixx’s 1987 diary with additional commentaries by various people who were mentioned in his entries. This is like an [...]

Music Download Sites ... by

More than a decade ago, the internet and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) butted heads over the free distribution of copyrighted music on various free music download sites. Essentially, the RIAA felt that internet users were ‘stealing’ the music they legally owned for sale, and internet users felt that all information (of which [...]

Movie Download Sites ... by

The world wide web has a lot of media for savvy websurfers to experience. There are actually movie download sites that allow the unfettered streaming/download of free short films and independent feature length movies available for those that know where to look. Ads by Google Sites like are equipped with tons of content that [...]

Free Typing Program ... by

As we know today we are using all the latest and unique technologies in each sector of our lives. Whether we are working in an IT company or we are studying in our homes everywhere we are using technology in the form of computer and other electronic equipments. Ads by Google It is not necessary [...]

Free Screensavers Online ... by

These days we are using various types of electronic equipment in our lives. Whether it would be our televisions, mobile phones or computers, every equipment is an example of electronic equipment. Ads by Google All these electronic equipments are full of various functions and features. If we consider a mobile phone, we see that there [...]

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Free online textbooks have become a solution for the acute problem of rising prices of the text books. Presently students who are unable to afford the increased prices of textbooks take resort on the free online textbooks on the Internet even though they are illegal. Ads by Google Even though distributing books online for free [...]

Department stores online ... by

You will find many people shopping around in malls nowadays but department stores online are grabbing the attention of the people so most of the people prefer to go for shopping in the department stores online. It is a hassle free way of shopping you can shop from your home. Ads by Google There are [...]

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The concept to view TV shows online is prevalent in the market for a very long time and has entirely changed the perception of the people and viewers towards the theory of watching live TV. It is now possible to carry our favorite television channels to any place along with us while we plan to [...]