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FxFoto is one of the most popular free photo editing programs available in the market. It does most things what casual photographers would do to correct their pictures in the photo editor. Ads by Google It also includes latest features like image adjustment, red eye correction and smooth photo cropping. Digital shooting is another wonderful [...]

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Are you trying to learn a spreadsheet program in Microsoft excel. You can do your first spreadsheet program by calculating some items using Microsoft excel. Ads by Google Mainly this spreadsheet program is used to calculate large sums and store large databases. It is used in almost all the organizations nowadays. So if you are [...]

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Spyware is also a type of malware, which can described as tracking infection which gathers information about our system and the internet surfing habits, once when it is on our system. Most of the times our systems will get infected when we download the inflected files or the other general free software’s from the internet. [...]