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Calculator is an electronic device which is used for calculating the mathematical related problems, normally operates by the power of cell. Pocket calculator differs from an online math calculator by having a limited problem solving ability and an interface is optimized for interactive calculation rather than programming. Ads by Google Calculators can be hardware or [...]

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Online science dictionary gives information about all science related issues like biology, botany, medicine, physics, etymology, environment, anthropology, archaeology, computing and linguistics. The main source of Online science dictionary is common English vocabulary. Ads by Google This Online science dictionary contains more than 200,000 boldface words and more than 33,000 printed examples. It also Contains [...]

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The Bible is a very important part of a person’s life. You can learn the facts and truths of life through the Bible but there are many people who cannot afford the Bible because it is very expensive. Ads by Google These people look for free Bible study guides. Everyone wants to gain the knowledge [...]