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How to Date a Libra Male ... by

If you are currently attracted to a Libra male you may have already heard conflicting stories with regard to his behavior. This may have sparked you to read more about how to date a Libra male. Ads by Google Libras according to others can be fair with regard to decision-making but may not want to [...]

Libra Physical Traits ... by

There are two categories of Libra when it comes to Libra physical traits. The two Libra categories with respect to Libra physical traits are explained within the content below. The first category of Libra relative to Libra physical traits consists of individuals who are shorter than the second category and who possess bodies that are [...]

What signs are Compatible with Gemini? ... by

Libra, Aquarius and other Geminis prove to be the most compatible with Gemini when exploring the question: What signs are compatible with Gemini? The following content provides why the signs of Libra, Aquarius and other Geminis are most harmonious in relationships with the air sign. Also other signs as to compatibility with affable Gemini are [...]

Black Zodiac Signs ... by

The Aries under the Black Zodiac is highly aggressive and during another time could be considered a brute. Aries under the sign of the Black Zodiac can be considered a danger to the public; is considered simple in thought with a visionary perspective that is once again brutish. Ads by Google This character when it [...]

Chinese Zodiac Signs ... by

Many an individual when getting acquainted with Chinese Astrology is quite intrigued when they find out Chinese Zodiac Signs are named after animals. In fact individuals who are use to the Westernized version of the Zodiac may be alarmed when they first discover rather than being Taurus or Virgo or Pisces, or Capricorn they are [...]

Chinese Horoscope Sign ... by

The Chinese horoscope sign is an important aspect of the very popular subject of Chinese Astrology. The subject-matter is well-received in the eastern as well as the western hemisphere. Ads by Google In all fairness Chinese Astrologists were first to predict the relationship outcomes of certain individuals as well as their health and happiness using [...]

Star Signs: Increasing our level of Awareness and Companionability ... by

Astrology can influence your daily living and part of this influence is in determining first which of the Zodiac star signs you belong. The star signs of various persons are determined by the month the person was born in accord with the solar calendar or Westernized version. Ads by Google Star signs can reveal the [...]

Chinese calendar Astrology ... by

Chinese calendar Astrology can be attributed to the earliest beginnings of time and is associative with the era when the Mesopotamian and Sumerian peoples lived. In fact it was the ruler Huang Ti who introduced the world to the system of Chinese Astrology which occurred in 2637 B.C. Ads by Google Its evolution is due [...]

Chinese Astrology Compatibility ... by

Chinese astrology compatibility is today’s concept in determining the likelihood a couple will be adequately paired. Chinese astrology compatibility is achieved by making a match as to the person’s iconic Chinese Astrological sign with that of another individual. Ads by Google What does this mean? Chinese Astrology is based on twelve animal signs all possessing [...]

Star Sign Compatibility ... by

Many individuals when it comes to the traditional Zodiac are interested in precisely what other star signs they can get along or which of the other signs rank in star sign compatibility as far as their sign is concerned. The use of astrology can be a very effective device in assessing how companionable you will [...]