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Home remedies for fruit flies ... by

Those little pesky things that fly in the house that looks like pecks of dust are fruit flies. Fruit flies and yet there are no fruit in the house. Ads by Google What the heck? How do you get rid of them? Remember, just because they are called fruit flies does not mean that’s all [...]

Home remedies for killing fleas ... by

Fleas are the toughest little creatures to rid off in our animals. They multiply so quickly and they seem to appear out of nowhere. Ads by Google According to the study by the National Resources for Defense Council, some of the flea killers we use on our pets could be harmful to our children, to [...]

Getting rid of fleas in home ... by

Those pesky little things that can jump up to 16 inches are the toughest pests to control. No matter how much we try to control them they just seem to keep coming back. Ads by Google The reality is that no matter how much we clean our pets, it will not be easy getting rid [...]

How to catch fruit flies ... by

The first thing you should know, and note, about fruit flies is that regardless of the name, fruit flies don’t just swarm fruits — they swarm any form of vegetation there is. Fruit flies are so tiny that sometimes they look like a speck of dust floating around in the air. Although they do not [...]