Causes of foot and ankle swelling

Causes of foot and ankle swelling may be due to a number of different conditions which involves the particular of specific body part and it could also be due to a condition involving the whole body.

Causes of foot and ankle swelling depends on where the swelling is located too.

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Any injury and infection may lead to swelling on the side where the injury of infection is located. Usually, swelling of the ankle on one side may mean there is either sprain or strain.

Edema, or excess body fluid, due to either a heart attack or liver and/or kidney failure may be the cause for this and usually the swelling occurs in the lower part of the body, as in the feet, ankles or legs. This is another cause of foot and ankle swelling.

During pregnancy, or obesity, obstruction on the venous system could also be a cause of foot and ankle swelling. And joint problems, such as arthritis, also swells up the lower extremities.

The other cause of foot and ankle swelling would be: fracture, cellulitis, liver diseases, CHF or congestive heart failure, DVT or deep vein thrombosis, gout, kidney failure, bug bites and/or stings, scleroderma, vasculitis, lympathic obstruction and insufficiency, malnutrition, trauma, tumors, medication and standing for a long period of time.

For the most part, the swelling has no accompanying pain at all and this commonly occurs in older people. The lower extremities are the most affected only because it is due to gravity. Swollen feet and ankles also occurs during hot and warm season and usually occurs when someone has been standing or walking for long periods of time.

The best treatment for swollen feet or ankles would be to elevate your swollen leg. Because swelling is caused by the buildup of fluids in the tissues, gravity makes the fluid travel to the legs, ankles and feet.

Applying a heating pad or warm compresses on the swollen area could also help reduce the swelling. Slightly rubbing the area to “move” the fluid could also reduce the swelling.

If the swelling is due to a condition, seek your doctor’s advise as to how to reduce or eliminate the swelling. The cause of swelling could be a symptom of something more serious. Wearing support socks or stockings could help control the swelling too as well as wearing supportive shoes.

There are also ways to help reduce the swelling as in cutting down on your salt intake. Salt makes your body retain fluid. Drink lots of water. Elevate your feet. Exercising regularly will improve the circulation in your body and rid of those excess fluid. Avoid long periods of sitting and/or standing. When traveling in a plane, get up and walk up and down the isle for circulation. If you are pregnant and are traveling in a plane, it is advisable for you to get up and walk around to avoid any clotting or edema so be sure to walk every hour or two.

If you should notice swelling a littler more than normal happening, call your doctor and schedule for a check up. Once again, the swelling could be a symptom of something more serious than the “usual” swelling. If there is any infection at all, your doctor will be able to see that and you may need to take antibiotics. If the swelling is due to medication then the doctor may have to prescribe something different for you.

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