Cedar point hotels

The cedar point hotels are very famous. The best part of these cedar point hotels is that all of them are considered to be very cheap and also you can get a direct view of the beach from any one of the balconies of this hotel.

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There are several cedar point hotels. Let us review some of them once by one:-

Clifton inn

This is the first one. This seems to be the best hotel in this area. There are several reasons for citing this hotel as the best one. The first one is the hospitality. The staff is very much hospitable and they will never turn a no fro your request. The rooms are also large with a good view to the beach. Even though this hotel does not have a five star tag, still the customers are made to feel as though they are staying in a five star hotel. The food is also of excellent quality. The hotel serves most of the famous delicacies in this area. The foot items are also relatively cheap. This hotel attracts customers all the year round and booking a room in this hotel is not that much easy. An ordinary room in this hotel may cost somewhere up to 80$.

Portford resort

The Portofino is simply a fantastic hotel. There are totally seven swimming pools in this hotel. It is hard to select which one is good because all of them are equally magnificent. The temperature of the water can be regulated and chlorine is not added to the water no matter what the time of the day is. There are lots of activities to do in the Portofino. You can grab your tennis racket and settle down for a game of tennis or you can also play badminton and there is also special provision for indoor golf. Once you have checked into this hotel, it is a totally different world. The high rates are well worth it.

Happy Holiday beach resort

This is another blockbuster of a hotel. This hotel attracts large number of honeymooners. The best part of this hotel is the sea food that they serve. The sea food is of great taste and you can stay there forever for the cool breeze and the great food that you can find in this hotel. There are spring fountains and hot massages available. There is also a yoga center which is built inside the hotel premises so that you can get a taste of yoga exercises. Meditation centers are also available in the surrounding areas.

Adithi inn

As the name of the inn suggests, this cedar point hotels is indeed a comfort hotel. All you got to do is check into this marvelous hotel and the rest will be taken care of the staff. This hotel can be found right across the street from the beach. Near to the hotel, you can also find some discos and some bars. Each room has 2 queen beds.

Thus, the cedar point hotels have been discussed.

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