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The Cedar point is one of the beautiful and amazing amusement parks which are located in the Sandusky, Ohio, US narrow to the Lake Erie and it is 364 acres wide area. This amusement park provides Cedar point tickets to visit the shows.

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The top thrill dragster is one of the best game and it is second tallest and fastest roller in the world itself and it runs at a speed of 190 km/hr and to a height of 130m. The Cedar point also has four roller coasters and it is taller than 200 feet. As per the survey of amusement parks in the world in the year 2008, the Cedar point tickets have 75 types of riding games when compared to other amusement parks. Other than riding games there is also very long white sand beach, outdoor and indoor park, thousands of hotels, water games, challenging games like miniature forest, golf and skyscraper. From the past eleven years the Cedar point amusement park is known as the America’s roller coast and it is voted by the public people as best amusement park in the world.

In the year 1870 the Cedar point amusement park was opened and it is the 2nd oldest park in the North America after the first best amusement park lake compounce. The cedar parks runs in the may month through labor day followed by nine weekends of the labor day. But operating period of the games vary and usually it opens in the morning 10:00AM and closes at night 10:00 PM.But the hotels people like hotel breakers, light mens, cusine people etc are given permission to enter the Cedar point amusement park one hour before only. In the year 2009 the amusement park was opened from may16 to september7 and also on weekends like on Friday, Saturday an on Sunday from september18 to november1 mainly for the company people. In 1860 during the American civil war four pieces was constructed at the tip of peninsula and when the war got ended Cedar point remained as a summer period picnic area. and this park was actually built in 1870 by the german immigrant louis zistel who stayed in the peninsula. In 1871 there was no chance for the reopening of the ceder point, but in 1878 james opened it for doing boating and peninsula as owners. They put a wooden walkways and also picnic tables for the couples to sit in the park and enjoy the feeling of the beauty.

In the year 1899 the George took the control of the Cedar point and in 1902 the racer was built by Fred Ingersoll Cedar point tickets for the racer and it was made from the nickel. Many more hotels and restaurants were constructed during the 1900–1930 time period, including Hotel Cedars, White House Hotel, Crystal Rock Castle, and Crystal Gardens Ballroom. But in1919, alcoholic beverages left the resort by order of a law. It was clear that in 1929 the Cedar point tickets was trying to update their attractions, by using the racer game, trip to rockaway, circle swing, and also other rides to make way for shoot the water ride, fun houses called Noah’s Ark and Bluebeard’s Palace, the huge Cyclone coaster, and many other rides. Finally the Cedar point tickets were made as the people started increased the visiting of the Cedar point amusement park.

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