Changing to a raw food diet

Changing to a raw food diet is said to be a good choice. This is because changing to a raw food diet has several health benefits.

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Before that, let us first see as to what a raw food diet is all about. Raw food diet is a diet that is purely based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods such as grains, nuts, seeds, sprouts, vegetables, fruits, dried nut and seaweeds. Eating uncooked food is said to be a good practice because cooking the food at a temperature of above 130 degrees f is said to destroy the nutrients in the food and we are left eating just plain food without any nutrients. Hence, there is a need for changing to a raw food diet at least for 2 or 3 days in a month.

Benefits of the raw food diet

There are numerous health benefits for the raw food diet. Some of them are: -

* Energy increase
* Improvements in the skin appearance
* Loss of weight
* Better and flexible digestion
* Decreased risk of many heart diseases

The biggest plus of changing to a raw food diet is that raw food contains only trans fats and saturated fat. Raw foods are generally low in sodium and high in potassium. Raw foods are also high in folate and fiber. Due to these characteristics and properties of raw foods, there tends to exist a low risk of heart diseases, diabetes, ulcer and cancer of all types. A study revealed that the intake of raw food decreased the amount of cholesterol in the body since meat is the main source of cholesterol and meat is not part of the raw food diet. So, let us now see as to what are the food items we can eat in a raw food diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables share a major portion of this diet. In addition to this, nuts, seeds, beans can also be consumed as part of this diet. Grains, legumes, dry fruit also find space in this form of diet. Organic food, juice, purified water and coconut water are also the components of a raw food diet. The cooking techniques that are used for preparing the food items are blending and dehydrating food. We can also juice the fruits and vegetables. Soaking nuts and drying the fruits before consumption are also good ideas. There are some side effects of following the raw food diet for most people. For beginners, they can face some problem. However, these are not serious issues and can be easily addressed. Some people have reported to experiencing a detoxifying reaction in their bodies. Also, the raw food diet may not be appropriate for certain people such as: -

* Children
* Pregnant women
* People who suffer from anemia

There has to be a certain commitment, energy and determination for following the raw food diet as most people tend to sway away from this diet in the middle itself. Thus, the important points in changing to a raw food diet have been discussed.

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