Charmed Episode Guide

Charmed Episode Guide was an American television drama series that ran on the WB network which now has become obsolete. The Charmed Episode Guide show was cancelled after eight seasons during May 2006.
Altogether it presented 178 episodes during those eight seasons.

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The series of Charmed Episode Guide was aired by Warner Brothers, created by Constance M Burge as executive producer and head writer with creative oversight by Brad Kern during its entire run. The series was first screened on October 7, 1998 and lasted till May 21, 2006. At the start itself it gained quite large number of followers with millions of viewers all over the world resulting in huge number of fans. It was produced by Aaron spelling. The show was originally broadcasted on Wednesdays at 9pm, but then it was moved to be aired on Thursdays throughout second till fourth season. Thereafter from the beginning of the fifth season it was moved to Sundays at 8pm till the rest of eight season run. By the end of third season Burge left the project that was in May 2001 and at the same time, one of the actresses of the series left the series in the midway. Then the producers replaced her place by Rose McGowan by the time of fourth season’s opening episode. This actress was the most powerful sister among the nominal power of three equals.

The Charmed Episode Guide series goes like this briefly- mainly three sisters were portrayed in the show as the world’s most powerful but good witches known as ‘charmed ones’ in the supernatural world. But to all others belonging to their community they were known as Halliwells. They lived together in a mansion which was their ancestral home and each of these witches possessed some unique magic. This ability of doing magic became more powerful as time passed by. The witch sisters were using their magic powers to fight some evil forces in California and San Francisco and other similar warlocks and demons. So they primarily used their power only to fight against evil. The witches were set to fight on a mission to stop and destroy all kinds of evil that existed in the world. So their main goal was to become the greatest and most powerful witches of the world to accomplish their mission- the charmed ones.

The charmed TV show can be watched online too. All the previous year’s hits of the past can be viewed all over again whenever you like to, today. So through this one can be able to learn how to perform magic’s by seeing the sisters doing in the entire series of charmed. Even though the show was not realistic and even outrageous, the show was entertaining for most of the viewers. There are various charmed blogs and charmed sites offering the Charmed Episode Guide, so that one can just click the link which will enable them to watch the show online. All the domains contain complete listing of the episodes, summaries, viewer’s comments and ratings for a particular episode and thereby making them making you the site interactive to share views about the show.

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