Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Chinese astrology compatibility is today’s concept in determining the likelihood a couple will be adequately paired. Chinese astrology compatibility is achieved by making a match as to the person’s iconic Chinese Astrological sign with that of another individual.

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What does this mean? Chinese Astrology is based on twelve animal signs all possessing characteristics of the individuals whose birth years they cover. Therefore if you are one of the signs such as an ox you will possess qualities specific to this iconic animal sign. If you are a rat on the other hand you will possess the traits associative with the rat. When it comes to Chinese Astrology Compatibility a coupling can be accomplished only after determining which of the animal signs representative of the individual’s birth years is a good fit with a particular sign. Also when it comes to Chinese Astrology Compatibility it is just as important to determine which animals within the iconic mix you may develop an adversarial acquaintance. In example, if you determine that your birth year makes you a rat then you may be assured you will be a good match with those individuals whose animal signs include the ox or monkey. If you are a tiger than you can start a healthy relationship with a dog and if you are a rabbit your best bet is a pig.

In fact all three of the matches with regard to Chinese Astrology compatibility have been determined to be successful matches and this is relative to the very beginning of time. Other perfect matches as it relates to Chinese Astrology Compatibility include a dragon with a rooster and a snake with a monkey.

Here is another insight when it comes to Chinese Astrology Compatibility: Suppose you are advised you are a perfect match with another iconic animal sign of which you married and this individual is initiating ending your marital union–What went wrong with the generally successful companionability of you and the other iconic animal respective of Chinese Astrology Compatibility? Does this infer Chinese Astrology is a hoax?

First off we are quite aware at this point that there are twelve iconic Chinese astrological signs all represented by animals which include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and lastly the pig. However on top of this knowledge we must also mention there are also five elements associated with Chinese Astrology Compatibility which are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. One element establishes the next element in the series. In this regard the iconic Zodiac signs of dog, dragon, ox and sheep are associated with the element of earth. We can break this down a nudge further by suggesting the dragon and ox are part of the element of damp earth and the sheep and dog are part of dry earth.

Therefore if our friends in the first scenario are heading for divorce court with respect to Chinese Astrology Compatibility it may be due to the natural elements of which each may be associated in further establishing each individual’s personal traits and characteristics. In other words, certainly from a generalized broad brush perspective you may say by animal signage alone that compatibility with respect to Chinese Astrology Compatibility can be achieved. However to make absolutely certain you have a good match the natural elements that are coupled with the animal sign must be reviewed as well as the sub-categorization of the element in order to understand the true traits of each individual and his or her true level of compatibility with the other person.

Another term for this assimilation pertinent to Chinese Astrology Compatibility is referred to as eight character compatibility. This means much more must be assessed than merely the year of birth. It is much more precise to take into consideration the birth month, date and time of the birth event. However that said relative to Chinese Astrology Compatibility such precision can only be performed by the most apt of Chinese Astrologers if you wish to place nothing at risk as far as a potential pairing or relationship,

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