Chinese calendar Astrology

Chinese calendar Astrology can be attributed to the earliest beginnings of time and is associative with the era when the Mesopotamian and Sumerian peoples lived. In fact it was the ruler Huang Ti who introduced the world to the system of Chinese Astrology which occurred in 2637 B.C.

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Its evolution is due in part to the beginnings of the Chinese system of writing

In order to better explain Chinese calendar astrology the following information must be imparted. According to ancient legend with respect to Chinese calendar astrology Buddha understood the importance of restructuring China at the time of his rule. In accordant to the story during celebratory events of the Chinese New Year Buddha thought about his own mortality. He then according to legend relative to Chinese calendar Astrology invited twelve animals in order to pay him a last tribute before his passing. The animals included the horse, snake, dragon, tiger, rat, ox, rabbit, monkey, sheep, pig rooster and dog. Buddha placed honor on the preceding animals with regard to Chinese calendar Astrology by assigning twelve areas of Chinese Astrology to each animal.

As far as Chinese calendar Astrology the sixty year cycle that prevails within the Chinese lunar calendar is the same cyclic system that is prevalent in Chinese Astrology. Historically the Chinese lunar calendar and Chinese Astrology is rooted within the philosophy of Confucius and I Ching.

Since that time the traits of the animal which gave the year its name were borne by each successive year of this lunar calendar.

The characteristics of the assigned animals have provided the name of each year of the lunar calendar.

Chinese calendar Astrology is determinant by each calendar year beginning on a new moon and is associated with one iconic animal sign. In example 1984 is one year associated to the iconic animal sign of the rat and 1985 is known to be tied to the animal sign of the ox.

The year with respect to Chinese calendar Astrology is colored by the characteristics of the animal of that year. Additionally persons who were born in the year of that iconic animal will possess characteristics of the animal assigned to his or her year.

The lunar as well as the solar systems with respect to Chinese calendar Astrology are part of the Chinese (Astrological) calendar. The solar aspect is used to indicate cyclic periods as to day and year. However the cyclic month is portrayed as two in number. This means one month is tied to the solar system and the successive second month is part of the lunar system. The initial day of the lunar month therefore is when the new moon appears within the lunar system for the lunar month. Further the duration of the month with respect to Chinese calendar Astrology is the period of time between new moons. The lunar calendar has been used with regard to Chinese calendar Astrology in predicting the gender of a new baby. In this way the calendar has become a very well-received pre-birth gender indicator.

Summarily, it can be said Chinese calendar Astrology is based on the older version of the Chinese lunar calendar and is a venerable backbone when forecasting individual life success pertinent to Chinese Astrology.

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