Chinese Horoscope Sign

The Chinese horoscope sign is an important aspect of the very popular subject of Chinese Astrology. The subject-matter is well-received in the eastern as well as the western hemisphere.

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In all fairness Chinese Astrologists were first to predict the relationship outcomes of certain individuals as well as their health and happiness using the Chinese Horoscope sign as the root of their forecasts. It is also relative to point out that the Chinese lunar calendar with regard to the Chinese horoscope sign is the most extensive calendar today dating reasonably back to well before Christ.

In order to better understand the Chinese horoscope sign it may be best to distinguish information with regard to the backbone of Chinese Astrology and that is in reference to the Chinese lunar calendar which is divided into twelve months of twenty days. Additionally, every two and one half years an extra month is inserted in order to correctly adjust the lunar calendar. The insertion of the additional month every third year causes a lunar leap year to be affected. The lunar month always starts with the new moon date which is always indicated on the Western calendar. Within the lunar Chinese calendar one cyclic period will take sixty years and is comprised of five twelve year periods.

The Chinese Horoscope uses twelve Chinese horoscope signs all being animals which are each assigned a twelve year period of time. This came about by legend when Buddha requested all the animals of the earth to make an appearance before his mortal departure. In reward the ruler assigned a year to each one of the animals or each became associative with a Chinese Horoscope sign. The Chinese Horoscope sign is represented by an animal of which the following are each assigned specific birth years: The first Chinese Horoscope Sign is the rat, then comes the ox, next is the tiger, fourth is the rabbit, the fifth Chinese Horoscope sign is the dragon, then the snake, next is the horse, then the sheep, monkey, rooster dog and finally the pig. Summarily all the separately named animals represent a Chinese Horoscope sign.

The Chinese Horoscope sign respective of each of the twelve animal signs is additionally referred to as the twelve earth branches and are combined with five natural earth elements. The five elements with regard to the Chinese Horoscope sign are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The elements are used in connection with our Chinese Horoscope sign in order to better forecast future events. Further regardless of natural element all are considered equal in their effect and one is not categorized over the other. They are incorporated into the generalizations that may be relative to our Chinese Horoscope sign in order to better determine compatibility with other individuals and more accurately predict our health and financial future based on the restrictions that may be incurred because of the elements associated with our Chinese Horoscope sign. No prediction can be considered complete without the tie-in of the natural element connected with our Chinese Horoscope sign.

In order to effect accurate predictions with regard to the Chinese Horoscope sign and the natural elements of Chinese Astrology it is best to employ the services of a Chinese Astrologer. It is always the preferred way of assuring an accurate prediction.

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