Chinese Zodiac Calendar

The Chinese Zodiac Calendar was established as a result of the Chinese using a lunar calendar. The lunar calendar has twelve cyclic periods and all associated with the moon.

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Eventually the Chinese adapted to the Western calendar which is considered a solar calendar and thus is based on twelve months within a calendar year. But with that said the Chinese Zodiac Calendar is dependent on the lunar version.

In order to better explain the Chinese Zodiac Calendar it is best to take the approach of explaining the twelve varying iconic animals associated with Chinese Astrology. The periodic cycle within the Chinese Zodiac Calendar is based on the cycle of the full moon meaning from the new moon to the full moon. What does this mean as far as the Chinese Zodiac Calendar is concerned? Simply put that there are twelve complete lunar cycles within one year of the Chinese Zodiac. One animal icon is representative of an entire year. A Chinese cycle is twelve years in duration before beginning again. The calendar therefore is differentiated from western standards in regard to the fact the Zodiac astrological cycle is fulfilled each year. Where there is a positive aspect to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar is that you are a year older each twelve years as opposed to one year on the solar calendar.

As is symbolic with most Chinese astrological features a legend is associated with the Chinese Zodiac Calendar as well. One story is told where the gods wanted to determine which of the animals on the face of the planet could attain a top position the quickest. In order to implement this test it was suggested by the mythological gods that all the animals compete in a swimming contest up a suggested waterway. The animals who reached the finish line first after their competitive swim were assigned positions as to Iconic fixtures within the Chinese Astrological Zodiac.

Also with respect to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar the animals symbolize the twelve lunar parts as there are twelve iconic representatives in this regard. The animals include the ox, tiger, rabbit, rat, snake, sheep, horse, rooster, monkey, pig, dog, and dragon. The animals shown here however are not in their ordered sequence.

Traits of the animal are associated with the person; the way an individual arrives at which animal represents him or her is to establish which animal reigns over his or her year of birth. In example, if you find out you are a rat which is the number one position with respect to the Chinese Zodiac you are charming, aggressive and somewhat aloof as to sharing secrets. You also like a good social occasion and may be a bit resistive. This is an example of how associative traits are explained as to the other Zodiac iconic animal signs assigned to your year of birth.

The lunar based Chinese Zodiac Calendar it can be said is intrinsic as to the concept and system of the Chinese astrological system and is very different conceptually than the solar calendar derivative of Western culture. That said, however many of the traits associative with your sign under the Western system will be nearly similar if not the same as the characteristics you posses under the Western version.

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